NYC and Raleigh Traders Needed for Interviews

Discussion in 'Events' started by Baron, Aug 10, 2005.

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    Nasdaq is wanting to interview some high-volume traders in the NYC and Raleigh, NC areas for some research they are doing. They are offering each qualified trader $250 for their time so I figured I would pass this along in case anybody is interested. Here's the info as it was given to me:

    We need to conduct four interviews in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area between now and August 26. We need to conduct four more in NYC from August 27 to August 31. A coworker and I will meet the participants in their homes and videotape the interviews. They’ll last for two hours and participants will receive $250 at the end of the interview. We want to talk with people who could be considered “hyperactive” traders because they’re trading online or identifying trades all day and doing it for their own personal wealth versus professionally trading on someone else’s behalf. We’re guessing that many of them have actually worked in the securities industry but left to trade on their own for a change in lifestyle. We specifically want to talk to people who currently subscribe to Level II data and who mostly base their trades on real-time information, rather than on careful analysis of charts and companies or in reaction to news events.

    During the interviews, we’d like to videotape their computer hardware and the room they trade in and possibly the exterior of their homes, just so we can get a good picture of where hyperactive traders live and trade. In the interview I’ll ask questions about their lifestyle and how trading fits into it, how and why they began trading online, and which resources they use, etc. The interviews will be very informal and they would not have to prepare anything in advance. Any information contained in the interviews as well as the videotapes will only be used for research purposes.

    For more info, contact:

  2. Oh man.. I would do this for free if I get to be in a documentary or something. As long as you won't steal my edges etc, you can interview me for $250. :cool:
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    This cant be serious - its informal, but we're going to film the inside of your house, the outside and the interview.

    Sounds more like a deposition to me.
  4. I don't think a magic 8-ball qualifies as an edge.
  5. Indicators themselves aren't the edge, the magic lies in the settings. Guess I'll just have to change the settings.
  6. I doubt they would be willing to shoot the documentary out of your parent's basement. Now go take out the garbage kid.
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  8. Im close to the Raliegh area. Heck $250 would cover my trailer rent for two months.
  9. Sir Walter Raleigh would be very disappointed in easyrider.
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    Evidently, they've received 27 responses so far as a result of this posting, but upon following up with these leads, it turned out to be one person using his 27 ET aliases.

    Just kiddin' :D
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