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  1. This is a spin-off on the Florida/NYC thread. Feel free to add locations to this thread.

    Another alternative I thought was a likely spot is the Washington DC area. The singles scene cannot be beat with all the different colleges clustered together, UMD, Georgetown, American U, Catholic U, Howard, etc. Its about ten degrees warmer then NYC which makes for long falls/springs, mild winters although the summers are very humid and generally hotter.

    As for business opportunities, there are many. You have the headquarters of the federal government right there and many companies that are based around the area. Lots of wealth and power concentrated right around the DC area with all the politics and such.

    As for culture, DC cant be beat as there are many historical landmarks sitting right there.

    NYC is a 3+hour drive away or one short plane flight. Finding a place that is more economical to live (then NYC) should not be challenging. Personally, I would probably choose to live around one of the colleges if given the choice. Lots of young single women around the college campuses. The finest NY Jewish women can be found right at the UMD campus.

    Like anyplace, there are some crime hotspots around the DC area, but you will soon learn where to go or not to go.

    The overall atmosphere of the Maryland/DC/Virginia area is laidback when compared to NYC. No heavy attitudes or rat-race street atmosphere.

    The transit system in DC cant be beat. You dont really need to drive around the city, just take the train.

    Another choice is a foreign location such as the Philippines. Although some of these third-world locations may have some negative factors associated with them, there are other factors that make up for it. The two greatest factors is the ladies and economics.

    In the Philippines, there is no shortage of ladies. They all go wild for American men (and their cash). It is possible to have a different woman every night of the week without having to go the old-fashioned NYC way with bar-hopping and computerized personal services.

    You can have a personal maid for less then $100 a month. A high rise luxury apartment in Manila would go for hundreds per month (not thousands). For the price of rent in NYC, in the Philippines you can have the following:
    1. A different woman every night
    2. A high rise luxury apartment
    3. A live-in maid and driver/security guard
    4. Lots of cash left over to burn and travel the entire island

    Dont forget, there is only one season there all year round.
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    this post made me cry i was laughing so hard.
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    Why not move to Phuket?
    The food is better as are the deserts!
    Housing is reasonable, and HIGH SPEED internet is dependable.
  4. Dubai will definitely give your money for the run...if you are any way serious.
  5. From someone who lives in Northern VA, you obviously have never lived in the DC area.
  6. This bloke doesnt sound like he has much luck with women to the point it is sad.

    A woman every night? For some I would say yes it is possible but from your posting your best chance still and always will be the brothel and then I would only give you 50/50

    Grow up

  7. Aren't any of you young traders able to get laid on your own? You guys are way too young to be paying for it.
  8. If I was in my twenties then I would still go to the Philippines or Thailand. Why? Efficiency.

    I spent an uncountable amount of cash taking chicks out and paying for this and that in my 20s. Then there was the time consideration. If I had just concentrated on my work and saved/invested all that cash, then I would be much further along then I am now.

    I say work, trade and invest hard. Focus on your goals. Then when your work is all done and you have made your goals, take off for a month in Thailand or the Phils to get laid and have fun.

    In Angeles City, there is this one street where there are women literally dragging you from the street. All in their early 20s. I am not sure if it gets any better then that. Even at the wildest college parties, that doesnt happen.

    I would rather focus on my work here and then take off for one good blast when it comes time.
  9. Austin, Texas- Lots of business opportunities and quite a few billionaires live there, Michael Dell, Waltons, T-Boone Pickens, etc. Dell is headquartered out of Austin as well as many other companies especially oil and energy. Austin is the capital of Texas so there is a huge government structure.

    Its a party town with lots of colleges and one huge bar district. Texans are known for getting plenty drunk and you will have fun on sixth street.

    Friendly southern and midwest attitudes, no New York type grind. Cheaper rents and more affordable all the way around.

    **NO STATE INCOME TAX**,_Texas
  10. Eagle488 could not have said it better. I have started to hit the bid on ny a while ago. I did not know texans had no state income tax. I like the way you think though. Have any other suggestions? I heard prices have already been skyrocketing in central america, which at one time you could have purchased properties for pennies on the dollar.
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