NY_Hood is now Brass Trader

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Bugenhagen, Oct 16, 2021.

  1. Bugenhagen


    Same single topic race baiting and thread spamming continues.
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  2. Overnight


    Report it to liquid hot @Magna He'll get it sorted out.

    Oh, wait, I guess that just did the trick, heh.
  3. Bugenhagen


    At the rate he is increasing his spamming basic racist stuff, there won't be room for covid threads.
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  4. Overnight


    Covid is like Jell-O. There's always room for it.

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  5. Bugenhagen


    Poor old GWB needs all the space he can get for his Covid and North Carolina Man makes balance fallacies threads.
  6. maxinger


    is it brass_trader , the prolific thread creator?

    there is no brass trader

    it seems like a prolific thread creator who
    doesn't add value is allowed.
    If not, such a thread would have been deleted automatically.

    so we have to live with such creators.

    see this new thread:
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  7. wrbtrader


    Simple solution...

    New members should not be allowed to post in the Community Lounge until they've established a 100 or 200 post history.

    His first 15 posts were in the Political threads but he poorly hides his racism and then when members start to see his posting habits / topics as fingerprints of prior banned members...he thought he was clever via posting useless trading topics or posting messages in trading threads as a camouflage.

    Same topics of racist views that he feeds on...he's unable to stop and it only takes less than 50 message posts for his digital fingerprints to reveal he's a former member that's been banned multiple times via different aliases.
    • I'm going to start calling him Jon Gruden because of his other favorites topics like misogyny. :rolleyes:
    Strangely, when he posts, two other known racists (one once temporarily banned) here at ET do not post for many hours or not the same day to conceal their multiple user names as one person.

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  8. Bugenhagen


    Brass_Trader (missed the _ before sorry) was recognised as the prior Tarzan, NY_Hood in just a couple of posts. The problem lies in a dislike of tattle tailing on one side and the right being so in bed with crazy that though some possibly don't want to see that kind of post, they don't have the will.

    He is so over the top though even one of ET's political right leaners wagged a finger at a post suggesting it not be moved to chitchat but garbage instead.

    You deserve what you tolerate etc. That this guy is a proper screw loose shows in his trading side posts as well.
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  9. I could tell it was him from his first postings. He has a certain way of writing that is easy to figure out.
  10. Magna

    Magna Administrator

    Earlier today I had a conversation with wrbtrader regarding this topic, and while I won't reprint anything he said out of respect for privacy, I will repeat a few things I told him. I checked most of brass_trader's IPs and there's no overlap, but that may mean nothing as people often use proxies when they return.

    So we've got 2 issues here -- is someone the return of a previously banned alias, and is someone making egregious posts now. Regarding the former it's important that you provide me with corroborating evidence. That means distinct comparative examples of writing style, grammar, spelling, eccentricities, etc. So please don't hit the Report button on someone's post and say you just "know" it's so-and-so returning. Tell me specifically why.

    Regarding someone making egregious posts now you are welcome to hit the Report button and point out problems or issues. I will be glad to take a close look at specific concerns you have, but I don't want to kick people off of ET for unpopular political opinions or wrong groupthink.

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