Ny4 under generator power

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  1. nitro


    They have enough fuel for about two more days. No one can access the ibx because water surrounds it.

    These storms are child's play compared to what is coming as the earth warms.
  2. Gah! that's bad. I use services out of that DC.

  3. nitro


    Read your notices. From Equinix itself.

    Dear Equinix Customer,

    IBX(s): NY4
    Date and Time of Occurrence: 29-OCT-2012 21:14 Site Local Time

    INCIDENT SUMMARY: IBX Utility Disturbance - Customer Loads Transferred

    Equinix MFO reports that the site is still on generator power. IBX has enough fuel for 2 ½ days before refueling is needed and fuel vendors are on standby. The IBX is still inaccessible due to flooding in the surrounding area; the IBX has not experienced any water issues. No customers have been impacted.

    Next update will be when a significant change occurs to the situation.

    Equinix Operations Center
    Phone: 866-811-8720
    To place orders, schedule site access, report trouble or manage your user list online, please visit: http://www.equinix.com/contact-us/americas/support
    If you have any questions or concerns regarding this incident, please contact the Equinix Operations Center at eoc@equinix.com.If the matter is urgent, you may contact the Service Desk North America by phone at +1.866.EQUINIX (378.4649) (USA or Canada) or +1.408.451.5200 (outside USA or Canada) for an up-to-date status.

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    E Q U I N I X | One Lagoon Drive, 4th Floor, Redwood City, CA 94065 | www.equinix.com

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  4. Yeah, I'm not a direct customer, I use services by a company who runs them out of NY4.

    Thanks for posting the notice. Seems they have fuel for a while plus more on the way. Only trouble is accessing the place to refuel. By boat maybe? :p lol
  5. Without the planet warming, we wouldn't even be here, and NY4's location would be under a 1000 meter thick sheet of ice.

    The planet survived a 300 foot increase in sea levels just fine - it'll survive the next 100 years just fine, too.
  6. Chausey


    Sure the planet and people survive, but just a fraction and then all wealth is nearly destroyed. Then comes the ice age. Elitetrader may not survive lol.
  7. d08


    A warming planet doesn't just mean less ice, expect frequent storms and lots of flooding, just like now. Even greater temperature swings.
    The planet will survive, sucks that we ruin the lives of all other species though.
  8. It has been a warming planet for 10,000+ years. During that stretch, humanity has benefitted as in no other era.

    There will be storms and floods as long as there is water and wind, nothing ever changes, other than storms "then" were more cataclysmic than today because the sea level was rising far far faster than it is today.

    If anything, by historical standards, the planet is not warming enough.
  9. You burned the equivalent of two lumps of coal to generate the electricty to make that post. So I'm not sure how seriously to take your concern for "other species". ;)
  10. d08


    Even if I was sitting in the dark here, 7 billion others would just keep doing the same thing. That's not how to influence any of the trends, I'm sure you knew that as you were typing.
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