NY Trading EXPO MEETING Feb 16-19.

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  1. Whatever happened to the people arranging to meet in New York at the trading expo? Lot of talk and no action!

    Might as well take Don Bright's offer to meet at his booth 'cause everyone talks a lot and does nothing. Lots of Indians, any Chief's around with a firm and decisive "we will be here" statement? I don' t know New York; other wise I would give you wishy washy flakes definitive leadership; someone in New York should offer to host. Can we please fix time place; some of us coming from very far.
  2. The last expo presentation on Sunday ends at 4:30pm. A good time would be around 7pm Sunday Night to give us time to freshen up & get something to eat.

    An excellent place to meet is the Broadway Lounge located on the 8th floor of the Marriott Marquis since we are already there for the expo. It is an open space with allot of room just in case allot of us show up, & for you drinkers, it has a bar & is open until 1am. Oh & it revolves & overlooks the lights of broadway.

    If Don or Rtharp can put a sign-in sheet at their booths. We can stop by the Bright or Echotrade booths & sign in so we can have an idea of who & how many will be showing up.

    What do you think Baron? Any Takers?
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    I'm game for 7:00 Sunday night
  4. Baron

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    A meeting @ 7 PM on Sunday at the Broadway Lounge sounds good to me. Count me in. Let's make this happen.

    By the way, the only reason I haven't stepped up to the plate with more leadership in orchestrating this thing is because I've never been to NYC, so I don't know anything about the area.
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    How about 5:30pm on Sunday. Is that too early?

    Trying to arrange dinner plans for afterward with some folks.
  6. Okay Intrinsic has the best idea and 7 PM at Broadway Lounge is firm on Sunday at the New York Marriot Marquis where the expo is. 8th Floor.

    Sign up sheet at Bright. Don Bright if you see this, please help put up a sign up sheet or I will do it Sunday morning.

    Okay everyone, this is FIRM NOW, period, so no dilly dallying; start sending confirmations that you will be there so a rough head count can commence.

  7. Carry a Brihg t brocuhure front end showing prominently. After a few of us have gotten together we will put a few Bright brochures on teh table where we will be. If it is crowded and no seats, then continue showing front side of Bright brochure for tothers to join till we ca
  8. Sorry about spelling. Repeat: Carry a BRIGHT TRADING brochure.
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    I'd rather see a meeting start earlier. Like a number of others that will be attending, I live in the NYC metro area. So, if we meet at 7 as suggested,then we have a lot of time to kill. And can't make plans to meet friends afterwards. BTW, the exhibit hall closes at 5 on Sunday.

    Also, as I stated in the other thread on this, the hotel lounge isn't good for a sizeable group, IMO. Most of their tables are for 2 or 4 people and can't be pushed together. Although it's fine if all you want to do is chat with just a few people.

    I thought limbo was looking at finding another location nearby since he lives in the area? Is that plan dead?
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    I will be at the Broadway lounge from 4:30-5:30 on Sunday. If anyone wants to come and chat, please don't be shy. Sorry I can't make it any earlier, I have dinner plans.

    Looking forward to seeing you in NY.


    PS: Hitman asked about the classes I will be holding. You can find info here http://www.realtick.com/news/signup.asp
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