NY times must think this is 1994!!!!

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    Lets see newpapers and magazines are going to disappear for good over the next 5 years so they are trying to capitalize as much as they can today to make up for future losses. They really are going to start charging for access to their website....wow this should be interesting, I can guarantee even though you are paying a monthly fee you are still going to see worthless advertisements.....good luck with this, not many people are going to want to have an additional monthly bill on top of their cell phone bill, internet bill, satellite radio bill, cable bill, etc etc etc etc etc etc!!!! Would be nice if this was one huge joke of an idea, but its not!!!! This will not work!

    New York Times to start charging for website
    New York Times to start charging for website access, smart phone and tablet apps on March 28

    On Thursday March 17, 2011, 11:28 am EDT

    NEW YORK (AP) -- The New York Times says it will start charging for access to its website and for the use of smart phone and tablet applications later this month in the U.S.

    Beginning March 28, prices start at $15 for four weeks of full access to the website and the smart phone app.

    Subscribers to the printed edition will keep free access to the website and apps. Others will be able to view 20 articles a month for free on the website and see the "Top News" section in the apps.

    Newspapers are trying to increase digital revenue as online ad revenue, while growing, hasn't fully offset the declines in print.

    A similar system will go into effect on Thursday in Canada, which will serve as a testing ground.
  2. 20 articles a month for free ???

    what if we keep changing our IP Address? :D

    You know there is a way to do it.
  3. Well it makes sense that they would do this, the only problem is that there will be plenty of other free sites that provide news, so what's the point in paying $15 for what you can get for free?
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    Dallas Morning News just did this a month or so ago.

    Anyways, who reads the NYT anyways ?? :cool:
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    Exactly there are thousands of sites offering news. Anyone depending on one news website like nyt doesn't have a clue about how many sources are actually out there.
  6. They think they have a monopoly on the news or something?
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    That pay-for-site-access strategy never worked even in the best economic times. Why they think that would work now defies logic.
  8. I'll just get my news for free from ET.....maybe a good part of what's written here isn't true, but then how much of what you read in the newspaper is actually true.
  9. I prefer Bloomberg, BBC and other British News Service - they have better international converage and are all free. Nothing wrong with the NYT but who needs it. They have additional changes for Ipod and Ipad uses too.

    Btw, I am American.
  10. What are they thinking? I get WSJ and Barron's delivered to my door for free. :D
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