NY Times Endorses Obama

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  1. You'd never guess how many cars I've processed today. ZERO. :)
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  2. Err. You're an idiot. I argue with Pabst all the time. Its all in good humor, and I know his reasons for hating Obama. Its ironic that you accuse me of having a "one size fits all" approach when in fact thats not at all my thinking. You assumed it was because..well...you're an idiot, and didn't think that maybe pabst and I have talked and argued before. Maybe one day my arguments will be as coherent and thought out as those copy/pasted links you always post. When your best stuff in a discussion is a pasted youtube link well, what can i say? Well done.
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  3. There will always be a print version. But I suspect that NYT will do massive reductions in costs, from buying most of their stories, to cutting out fluff, to eliminating "routes" that are not profitable 9in the same way Circuit City is closing 150 stores), to mergers with other papers to cut fixed costs such as HR, to layoffs, to moving production overseas to cheaper locales, to outsourcing almost anything not directly related to bringing in revenue (IT, payroll to ADP, supplies, etc.), etc. etc.
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  4. Yannis


    Yeah, I hear you, the dreaded "you should have seen the one that got away" defense. OK fine, no harm done.

    Imo, everything we do represents us: what we write ourselves and what we choose to cut and paste. Almost 90% (imo again) of the "Politics and Religion" posts ar either vacuus or dumb. Posting well thought through articles by the bigger players in this field, and an occasional light-hearted videoclip, is healthy and constructive. Please do the same from time to time.

    But, of course, my best work and most valuable contributions are in the "Jokes" thread. That's how I get through the day. Can't you tell? :)
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  5. But you see cutting edge, innovative, outside-the-box thinking from the McCain policies? I'm going to assume the answer is no, because no one with an IQ of 141 like you have could possibly interpret the following as cutting edge, innovative, outside-the-box thinking.

    McCain-Palin: Obama is a terrorist!! Troops home with honour and victory!! I've been tested! Wall Street bigwigs!! Joe the Plumber! I'm not Barack Obama!!

    I've been listening to McCain's actual speeches and that's about all I hear from him. As I've said before, I'm stunned that the GOP made the identical mistake the Kerry campaign made in '04 - running on the 'I'm not my opponent' platform.
    The only guy to point out that the war that needs to be fought is not in Iraq at all, but in Pakistan and the hills on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border is...

    yep, the terrorist Obama.
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  6. Why the post? You didn't refute a single point I made. No I don't think McCain has enough needed qualities either. Nothing could express my contempt for a Democratic President coupled with a near super-majority Dem Congress better than my vote for John McCain. Until this election I wouldn't have voted for McCain in a dog show. My vote is 100% anti-Obama. McCain is one of my least favorite Republicans yet he'd be LEAPS AND BOUNDS better than Obama.

    Biden's remarks were honest and correct. The world will be ablaze within months. Who needs that kind of shit?
    Cowboy diplomacy might not be popular in the over hyped bistros of Paris and Columbus Ave but it served America fairly well. In the narrow sense of Iraq specific the war was wasteful. In the BIG PICTURE of keeping weirdos at bay, yes IMO the Iran's, Pakistan's, North Korea's, Libya's, Venezuela's and even Russians and Chinese behaved like the thief who knows which homeowner on the block gets an itchy trigger finger with the .44 on his nightstand. Except for an ingeniously planned black swan this nation didn't suffer in eight years a single domestic death due to foreign terror. Yes we paid a price. But not an inordinate price. Half a bailout. We got some utility out of it.

    Obama of course is a hawk-as I predicted YEARS ago-and yes he'll sell to an economically ravaged America the glory of fighting against the "real terrorists." Sounds good. Except for two little things. Pakistan's a big, populated place. 7x Iraq. With nukes. Choked with a populace that hates infidels. So two choices: wantonly kill millions of Pakistani civilians-because that's how wars like that hinge-or instead we get our ass kicked. Simple outcome choice. One or the other. Jihadists can't be bought off with some limp wristed peace branch. Ask Israel. So if Obama feels the need to get even with fundamentalist Islam where the "war on terror is centered" then I'm sure he'll find a way to get 75% of America right there with him. Wish us luck.

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  7. I think that's a massive overstatement. Just my humble opinion. And even though I know how you feel about Sarah Palin, (as bizarre as your views seem to me - "a Revolutionary", the "President of the U.S. in 2012"), I believe she represents a huge liability to the ticket now that people are actually realizing what her presence means.

    I wonder why you would vote for someone you 'wouldn't vote for in a dog-show'. Why not write someone in? Wouldn't that be truer to your principles?
    C'mon man. The world ablaze? Everyone knows Biden is a blowhard who can talk himself into a corner without even trying. He just fucked up his speech - what he was trying to say was that foreign leaders will test Obama and he will respond. That's common.

    I cannot believe the bogeyman fear-mongering tactics of the Republicans in this election. If they had spent some time talking about their vision for the future as opposed to playing the fear card, they might be in better shape.

    I still say this will be very tight in the end, as those who don't want a black man in the White House make themselves heard.
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  8. What does her "presence" mean? Other than someone with common sense-the only of the four to tell Americans honestly that they too fucked up with over extension of credit-someone without globalist ambition is close to being President? Gee and she's not even a lawyer.

    I would never "write in" because it's TRULY a wasted vote-busy election judges just throw those ballots away-and my McCain vote is Palin. It's funny how libs go ape-shit that the regressive conservatives are "scared" of Obama yet the left has an equally weird Palin paranoia. Exactly why I love the challenge of trading. The best looking price action can be the start of something substantial or a pure fade.

    I look upon 90% of decision outcomes as random-Dependant on unrelated or abstract variables. The idea of favoring policy because it's well articulated or even "thoughtful" has no bearing on effectiveness or results. Good ideas are good ideas even if uttered by a bum on the street. As a society we take no quarrel with the chances of an impoverished, uneducated artist putting colors, notes or words together in a never before seen pattern of unique beauty but we narrowly consider the domain of ideas to be the exclusive domain of the elites.

    Like many good traders Palin is smart enough to get out of her own way. That's an important concept of libertarianism. I should not think for you nor dictate to you because it's YOU with power of ideas and action who can best discover your own life. Thos loking up Obama for leadership or guidance are lambs. Like Eric Hoffer said, "if you have a hero, think again. You've diminished yourself in some way"....

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    IBD poll was the most accurate in 2004. They missed by 0.4%.
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  10. Obviously, you are out of touch with reality.

    Unlike Ron Paul, who refused to play any of the games the republicans wanted him to play, Palin has done everything that McCain and company told her do to, told her what to say, told her what to wear, etc. She is nothing but a damn puppet parrot.

    If she had any integrity as a reformer, she lost every bit of that integrity by aligning herself with McCain, who sold his own soul as a genuine Maverick to become president.

    Palin, like McCain put their own ambition for power above their own personal principles.

    I know you want to think she is the answer, but to thinking folks who can see through her obvious political nature, she doesn't have any integrity left.

    Huckabee has more integrity than this woman, and that is not saying much...

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