NY Times business is tanking

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    The New York Times Co. fell into a deeper financial hole during the first quarter as the newspaper publisher's advertising revenue plunged 27 percent in an industrywide slump that is reshaping the print media. Its shares dived after the results were released Tuesday.


    News Corp (Fox), by the way, is listed on the the Investors Observer Analysts Favorites list.

  2. Fox caters to simpletons, of which there are many. Quantity does not equal quality.
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    The response of losing traders and losing businesses. "It's not our fault."
  4. The masses who think with their asses
    Pass gas and fog up their glasses
  5. If you had a brain, you would realize that an average person is incapable of resisting demagoguery.

    Fox provides a very (simplistic) view of the world where US is the greatest country in the world, is a beacon of freedom and democracy, never does anything wrong, liberals are evil and provides 500 US flags in a studio along with bleach blondes in miniskirts.

    Does the trick for simpletons.

    I prefer PBS,CNN, BBC. Fox is trash for rabid patriots.
  6. Exactly, and Barkey Obama will be there w/ taxpayer $ to bail the NYT out, America needs their "quality" . . . LOL
  7. The new Socialist Democrat mantra . . . pass gas . . .
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    "NY Times business is tanking"

    Damn, the "journalism" sucks of course but it makes for pretty good litter box filler.

    I guess I'll have to subscribe to the Sunday edition of The Atlanta Urinal and Constipation instead.
  9. The OP must be a "simpleton" given that he just compared a newspaper company (apples) with that of a media conglomerate (oranges). :D

    Please feel free to show me a newspaper in this country ( conservative or liberal ) that hasn't seen their advertising sales collapse.

    The fundamentals of the market place for newspaper companies has completely changed.

    But hey, let's go ahead and compare the NY Times with a multi-media conglomerate like News Corp.

    The lack of ability to reason in a logical manner on this website is incredible.

    Simply incredible.
  10. Well fox is primarly opinion based where as the NYT's is supposed to be objective.

    We live in or used to live in a free market and liberal outlets are dying by the dozen.

    CNBC for some reason has that angry little man (howard dean) on more and more lately. I guess they are buckling to left wing pressure and going to cater to the liberal point of view now.

    The good thing is we may not have to be subject to them for much longer.

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