NY times article (islamic girls)

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  1. Wow, never thought I'd see the day when Penn Gillette would say, "Zzzz's....a fuck......up...."

    You're well known in the loftiest of circles!
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    The CIA would never turn on their leader Bush Sr. The ones who dare to, will always be "neutralized". I suspect they're saving Osama for something big. Otherwise he knows too much and should have been neutralized by now. Also keep in mind that as long as Osama is alive, there is little resistance in the on going creation of the shadow govt. in the US.

    The connection between the Bush clan and Nazi germany goes way back to when Bush's grand father bank rolled Hitler. After the fall of the 3rd Reich, many Nazis and most of research on population mind control and propaganda was transferred to the US.

    Read up and do some research on the CIAs MK ULTRA. 9/11 and the PNAC plan to subjugate the world is making extensive use of MK Ultra research. I think we'll see a subtle ratcheting up of the alert levels right before the up coming elections to give the Republicans a boost in their strongest area of politics.

    Bush/Cheney would never think twice of selling their souls to the Devil for monetary and power gains. What do you think the Skull and Bones society is? It's a society that worships the Devil. Most people don't realize that Devil worship is actually a religion that uses other religions to mask itself. You could have a Christian, Jew, Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist member of Skulls and Bones, however at the higher rankings of the Society one has to consciously pledge allegiance to the Devil. Many people who belong to the Skulls and Bones are actually atheists, so they do anything to get in. If you research the Skulls and Bones you'll find that it's members are in all the highest positions of power globally. It gets really deep, but I'll refrain from posting more as most people on here are "good simple minded" people. They're happy with their simple lives, so why should I be the ones to jolt them into reality. Let them enjoy in their dreams.
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    I hold terrorist lovers and their apologist retainers to the highest level of disdain. You are hereby Ignored. Good riddance.
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  4. Translation: I am unable to rebutt hapa's evidence that the 9/11 hijackers were not all Saudis and that the Bin Laden family is not the majority investor in the Carlyle group. Ergo, instead of being a mature adult and admitting to my error, I shall instead slink away and sling ad hominems like a moonbat coward.

    Don't go away mad.

    Just go away....
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  5. very funny....

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