NY times article (islamic girls)

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  1. Is that known as the Blow and Go clause in the Holy Koran?
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  2. There is a big difference. Would you rather be a homosexual in a country where the predominant religion is Islam, or a homo in the US where the dominant religion is christianity? Would you rather be a woman in a country where the dominant religion is Islam or a woman in the US? Easy to answer . . .

    Why is it that I can live in the US, and not be a Christian and not feel threatened by the dominant religion - Christianity? But instead feel threatened by Islam??

    How can you bring the neocons into a discussion of islamic girls killed by their families, is really out of touch with reality
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  3. Good grief but you've got issues....

    First of all, you call me a "moralinazi" solely on the basis that I approve of the Pledge of Allegiance in schools and the right for someone, i.e. a high school student valedictorian, to thank his or her God at tcommencement....and this makes me a "moralinazi"?

    Next, not only do you call me a "moralinazi" based on the above, but you go on to describe a takeover of the education system by rightwing religious fanatics, based on no other supporting evidence at all.

    News flash:
    The Pledge of Allegiance was allowed for decades, as was thanking God in school commencement speeches, and NOTHING HAPPENED. There was no "take over of the education system."


    Just so we are clear, I'll make it simple for you:

    You: So hapa, do you or don't you condemn necrophilia.

    Me: I absolutely do, clay.


    Me: Now Clay, do you condemn the murder of girls in Turkey because they have looked at boys, had premarital sex, or were raped?

    You: Well you see, those murders take place because the men in the family are compelled to do so BECAUSE of their religious indoctrination. Although I have not been a strong proponent of banning prayer in school, this is the reason the dreaded "liberals" would see mixing religion with public education as "utterly maniacal". People like me may be willing to wait til it starts getting out of hand before we resist it with any fervor, but those "liberals" who fight any semblance of religious indoctrination in our schools are simply using the same zero tolerance logic to defend the first amendment as the gun nuts use to defend the second amendment.

    In other words, I'll answer the question, whereas you avoid it and go on to use the murder of those girls to justify what you believe would be a "moralnazi" right wing attempt to indoctrinate our kids in school despite having no evidence at all to substantiate your claim.

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  4. I think I see now! Your original attack on me was based on the notion that I somehow had given some kind of tacit approval of this behavior. Let this one thing be very clear. I can't stand the behavior of these animals. Although I don't really give a crap whether or not we say the Pledge of Allegiance I personally say it, and if someone wants to thank god for their performance ( especially if it is Shaun Alexander shattering yet another record) that is perfectly fine with me. I simply understand the arguments of the "moonbat" liberals just like I understand the arguments of the nazicons. I don't like either but am more threatened by the nazicons as should any person of the slightest intelligence. The biggest problem this country has is the need for candidates to appeal to the extremes of their parties to be nominated.
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  5. Fair enough. So if I understand you correctly, you have no problem condemning the murder of young Turkish girls. That's a relief.

    What I continue to not understand is how you make the jump to the rightwing neocons indoctrinating the kids in school....on what basis do you continue to make that argument? :confused:
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  6. I guess it is a learned response to any of the "keywords" the nazicons use to rally their troops. As I scan through the radio dial i hit not one but three or four Radio Berlins pounding the air waves. Herr Limbaugh et al, using ridicule and anger to whip their voters up into some kind of rabid frenzy. Some of the keywords being Prayer in School, Pledge of Allegiance, Gay Marriage, Flag Burning, etc. In a free liberal society they attempt to vilify anyone who does not believe as they do. The Real Nazi's have pieced together these groups who care more about their little pet peeve than they do about things that really matter. Then use ridicule to question the patriotism of anyone who disagrees with them, etc. They blanket roll us with our own damn flag. And if completely given their way trust me there would be excesses. The excesses may not be quite as bad as they are in Islamic Countries but they would be intolerable to me. Why do you think George Soros hates them so bad? He knows Nazi's when he sees them, and if you know his story you know why I say this.
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  7. Hmmm, we used to have the Pledge of Allegiance, prayer was allowed in school, gays had it even tougher than they have it now, etc., and we did NOT become a fascist society.

    All I'm getting from you is that you THINK something would happen without any supporting historical data.

    So it's your opinion only, which you're certainly entitled to.
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  8. There were some elements of fascism "in the day", as well as there is today. Don't forget Jim Crow Laws, McCarthyism, Coat Hangers, Women discriminated Against for being divorced, the Klu Klux Klan, etc, etc. Now we have wars based on Orwellian level lies, warrantless wire taps, etc. The Nazi element is out there and they, like their predecessors, will ( Do) use inflammatory social issues and nationalism to power their movement. Wanna fire people up? Wrap yourself up in a flag and get'em mad at the Fags, Females & Foreigners.
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  9. "Fags," women, and foreigners have it very good in this country.

    "Fags" - their lot has improved every decade. All that's missing is nationwide acceptance of gay marriage.

    Women - stigmatism from divorce no longer exists? How could it when 50% of marriages fail?

    Foreigners - Our borders are porous, and the supposed evil Bush wants amnesty for illegals. Hell, we don't even do racial profiling at airport security.

    So you're left with the Flag argument, which I invite you to elaborate on.
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  10. bsmeter


    It is because in the U.S. Religion is explicitly separated from government. Which is slowly changing, wait a few years and homosexuals will be scared to come out of the closet. Why are you "threatened" by Islam? after doing research on the subject it seems most of the "fundamentalist islam" is a construct of the CIA and their Wahabi puppets. You should be more fearful of the CIA and the wahabis than Islam in general.
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