NY times article (islamic girls)

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  1. Your homophobia is obvious....

    Add to that the impotent attempts at slurring, gee, you are a prime candidate for a lifetime membership to the functionally diminished capacity club.

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  2. Huh? Im not scared of homo's. Unless it's like a gang of them wearing that leather nazi stuff with their asses hangin out. You're not in a gang are you?
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  3. Ask me if I condemn necrophilia, and I will answer you.

    You justified not condemning these murders in Turkey on the basis that there are "right wing religious nazis educating our kids."

    Big, big difference.

    Do you want to reverse your position here and now and say that it is okay that the murder of these girls in Turkey is condemned? Do you further agree that this murdering in Turkey is NOT the moral equivalent of uttering the Pledge of Allegiance or high school students thanking God - whichever God they believe in - at high school commencement ceremonies?

    You're right, this is a silly, silly argument.

    If you support secession from the Union, that is your problem.

    In the meantime, we are American citizens, and our country is presently made up of 50 states. If and when your rebellion proves successful, and the US of A no longer is comprised of 50 states, then the Pledge may be altered to reflect that.

    Yes, the right to burn the flag, despicable an action as it is, is a right. So is the right to object to that burning.
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  4. I can't figure out why you are so interested in my personal life or sexual orientation...

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  5. Wait a minute Z, don't get your panties in a wad. I think I get it now! You aren't gay! I'm sorry I offended you by thinking you were gay. That must have been horrible! I am, however, surprised at the voracity of your defenses over the matter. Got a touch of homophobia do we?
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  6. This recent attempt doesn't work either....

    Stay away from the ad hominem if you are even going to try to make a logical argument....

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  7. I am not doing ads for homo men
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  8. Your discussions skills and obvious level of education is stupefying...

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  9. Claywilk your chances of winning an argument to Z are the same as you winning an argument to a donkey.

    Just forget it.
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  10. Jeez Hapaboy,

    You are all twisted up. First of all I never condemned the condemnation of killing little girls. I also never said that the right wing religious nazi's WERE educating our kids. I believe that you moralinazi's WOULD take over the education system if we let you. And that the religious and nationilistic naziism that you would, if allowed to, indoctrinate our kids with would open the door to excessive behavior such as we see in these theocratic societies. I am not presently advocating secession, despite the fact that our country is being run by un-patriotic internationlist scum. i am hoping we can take our country back with a simple ballot. And I noticed that you said "Ask me if I condemn necrophilia, and I will answer you." but you never actually answered . What conclusions am I to draw from that? If I use the same logic you used when you accused mo of justifying not condemning the killing of little girls( this is some kind of linguistic negative I am sure), then I would be led to believe that do support necrophilia. Man that is sick! Has to be at least as immoral as homosexuality. Do we need a constitutional amendment to put an end to this sickness? If we don't people will run around demanding the right to marry the dead.
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