NY times article (islamic girls)

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    Not to get off topic but I oppose gay marriage for nonreligious reasons. I think same sex marriage is ridiculous. Do over extended public and private pension systems really need to add more frivolous death beneficiaries? Marriage was traditionally granted special privs because there was an assumption of children and stay at home Moms who needed protection from worker Dad's untimely death. Obviously much has changed and I agree that childless "traditional" marriages sort of "beat the system." But the notion that the State doesn't have a right to exclude participants from marriage is nonsense. Can one marry a sibling or parent? Why not? Consenting adults, eh?

    In fact I don't see chosen behavior such as homosexuality as protected at all. Discrimination based on gender, age or race is one thing. But based on sexual orientation, dress codes or religion? No way should the government feel compelled to prosecute those who are intolerant of choice..
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  3. No, I strongly believe in the right to burn a flag. However, I also believe in the decriminilization of knocking the shit out of someone burning the flag. $5 fine maybe?
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  4. So someone has the right to protest, and that gives you the right to punch them out for a parking ticket fine.

    Oy vey...

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  5. Could you choose to be a practicing homosexual?

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  7. Could you choose to be a practicing homosexual?

    You brought up gender...people can choose to change gender through surgery.

    You broght up race, people can choose to look like a different race (see Jacko).

    So could you choose to become a practicing homosexual?

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    I'm sure many are part-time homo's. Inmates. Lipstick lezbo's fer sure.

    No one actually changes gender. They can sew a dick on a broad but I doubt she gets a woody let alone blows a load. So technically it's still a chick. People can say they're whatever they want to be. If homo's don't like it than lie and say you're straight.......
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  9. Having trouble answering the question I see.



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  10. Why in the hell do you want to choose to be a homo Z?
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