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  1. I do not see "right wing religious nazis indoctrinating our kids" to believe that it's okay to murder their siblings. Do you? How does allowing the Pledge of Allegiance or valedictorians at high school commencement speeches thanking God in any way validate what you are saying? Do you consider supporters of the Pledge of Allegiance or allowing students to thank their God to be "right wing religious nazis"? If so, well then good grief, we might as well remove "In God we Trust" from our currency, as it might lead to our youth killing their siblings. Give me a fuckin' break...

    Also, I hope you noticed that the article notes that it is largely a cultural phenomenon besides a religious one. Shame and honor seem to be the main reasons for these atrocities.

    So how can you possibly get the idea that I support the killing of little girls? It is the moonbats who, by virtue of their unwillingness to condemn these murders, who are supporting these killings, not I.
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    A very good example of what happens when Religion is allowed to mix with state affairs. Once that happens then Hate becomes a state sanctioned affair. Offcourse we all know the Neocons AKA terrorist lovers and butt buddies of the terrorist Abdullah Al Saud would say otherwise.

    House rejects gay marriage ban amendment


    The White House, in a statement Tuesday, urged passage of the measure. "When activist judges insist on redefining the fundamental institution of marriage for their states or potentially for the entire country, the only alternative left to make the people's voice heard is an amendment of the Constitution."
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  3. Though perhaps I agree with you on some level regarding the US's shameful support of Saudi Arabia, I think your attempt to draw a moral equivalent between a homo marriage ban (which incidentally has little to do with christianity) and muslim families that murder their daughters, is piss poor.
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    Here we go again with the various shades of "morality".

    If you kill a terrorist with a bomb, or you kill a terrorist with a bullet, regardless of what you use to kill the bastard, the bastard is dead.

    Similarly, if you mix religion ( the cause of pretty much most of all terrorism in history ) with affairs of the state, sooner than later the hate mongers will move into perpetuating the most extreme forms of religious based hatred onto the rest of the population. There are no degrees of separation. There are no fine lines. There are no grey areas. Once you let religious terrorists dictate and control politics and the affairs of state, sooner than later you'll be subject to their version of "morality".

    Therefore, as I alluded in my prior posts, there is no difference between the real terrorists and the terrorist lovers AKA neocons. They're reading different pages of the same hate manual.
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  5. Hi Nick

    Just wondering, if opposition to gay marriage in the US isn't rooted in Christian belief, what is its basis?

    It was my understanding that the vast majority of Americans who oppose gay marriage do so because they believe it is biblically proscribed.

    Agree with the main point of your post, though.
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    There are animals in every walk of life.

    I guess Islamic papers are full of how Americans rob and murder each other for crack, meth, food etc.
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  7. ============

    Good points hapaboy;
    Amazing, amazing willing ignorance that pretends no diffreence between ;
    orthodox Jews & fundamentalist fanatics-Islam.
    Have you watched the news at all ????? All religion =same????

    Amazing, amazing willing ignorance that lumps occult worshipping Nazi with right wing Christians. And thank God there are enough in the military that ,because of the second ammandment bunch that permanently nuetralized Hilter:cool:

    With all due respect it wasnt armchair analysts or writers that stoppped Hitler; victory with second ammandment bunch like NRA & JPFO
    [Jews For Possession of Firearms Ownership]:cool:
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  8. Hapaboy,

    Hold your hose man! Who the hell is going to intentionally not condemn such a freakin action? Do folks have to overtly condemn something to prove that they believe it is reprehensible? OR since I have not seen you condemn necrophilia am I to assume you have the morals of Freddie Krueger and actually support necrophilia?

    As far as the pledge of allegiance, when you say it who are you talking to? to the flag? does it have ears? Is it like a marriage vow? If for any reason after we have given that pledge ( oath) can we renig on it? Or will we have to get a lawyer and divorce it? What about the guys that pledged allegiance to the 48 star flag? Did they break their vow to it when they pledged to the shiny new 50 star flag? This is a silly, silly argument. I like the flag alright but could I see a point where I could be convinced that it no longer represented me. At that point do I break my vow and do what I think is right or do I abide my vow and do what I think is wrong? For instance, I happen to believe that real freedom in this country was killed at Gettysburg. Once this country proved its willingness to violate the priciples of self determination upon wich is was founded there was nowhere for it to go except to hell in a hand basket. Are we a pretty decent country? Yes, Are we pretty decent people? Yes. Are we free? Ha! Are we as good as we could possibly be? Not hardly.

    A side note
    I personally would not want a flag that didn't stand for freedom of expression so strongly that it defended a persons right to burn it.
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  9. * Suicide is the third leading cause of death among teenagers -- over 1,500 teens kill themselves each year.5
    * In 1998, there were 1,520 suicides among 13-18 year olds.5
    * About 1 in 12 high-school students say they have made a suicide attempt in the past year.6
    * More than 3 in 5 youth suicides involve firearms.5

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  10. "A side note
    I personally would not want a flag that didn't stand for freedom of expression so strongly that it defended a persons right to burn it."

    Not clear on what you mean.

    Are you saying that citizens should not have the right to burn the flag?

    If so, that would put you in the company of the Red Chinese, Soviets, and other totalitarian regimes...

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