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    In the new york times this weekend there was an article about girls commiting suicide in turkey for having pre-marital sex or actually even looking at a boy. The families get together and decide she must die if this happens and then they elect a brother under the age of 18 to kill his sister. Now turkey is prosecuting underage murderers so they lock the girls in her room with rat poison or a gun to encourage her to commit suicide. So that her brother/father/uncle won't have to go to jail.

    If this is true this might be the most disgusting thing I have ever heard. Parents sending a brother to kill his sister or a father killing his daughter for looking at boy is not the mark of a civilization. This is a sign of a bunch of animals who don't respect life. In many religious societies orthodox jews/orthodox chrisitans/catholics etc thay are very strict about pre-marital sex. But if it happens they don't break out the rat poison it's unfuckingbeleivable.

    If they don't respect the lives of their own children, why would we expect them to respect anyone else's life?

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  2. Now, now, Keene, as any self-respecting moral relativist moonbat liberal would tell you, that is their custom which must be respected. After all, who are we to say such a practice is reprehensible? They would say our MTV culture is deplorable, after all.

    It's all the same, you see. That their culture condones the murder of young girls who look at boys or have premarital sex whilst ours does not, is irrelevant. It's all relative. It's not our place to criticize another culture.

    No no no no no no no...

    The Pledge of Allegiance in our schools, or thanking God at graduation ceremonies? Now THOSE are utterly maniacal, and must be utterly condemned.
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    Thanks Hapaboy, just so.
  4. If that is a true story, the father, the brother, the girl would be compelled to do so BECAUSE of their religious indoctrination. Although I have not been a strong proponent of banning prayer in school, this is the reason the dreaded "liberals" would see mixing religion with public education as "utterly maniacal". People like me may be willing to wait til it starts getting out of hand before we resist it with any fervor, but those "liberals" who fight any semblance of religious indoctrination in our schools are simply using the same zero tolerance logic to defend the first amendment as the gun nuts use to defend the second amendment.
  5. Excellent post Clay. :)
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    Touche, Clay.

    I'd also like to point out that because this story was in the NYT, it is probably false.
  7. I see - it's okay NOT to criticize the murder of young girls, some because they are rape victims, but it's okay to criticize the Pledge of Allegiance in our schools and thanking God in graduation ceremonies.....because there are supporters of the 2nd amendment.

    Very moral of you....oops, wait, can't judge morals.

    No no no no no no no no no no no
  8. You simply don't get it do you? The type of situation described about the little girl in Turkey is the type of situation that liberals wish to avoid in America by letting the right wing religious nazis indoctrinate our kids. See hapaboy those people are indoctrinated by their religion to the point that they commit ludicrous acts like the murder of little girls. The only rational thing for me to believe at this point is that since you are afforded examples of what religious indoctrination can do to a society AND still believe it should be instituted, that you support the killing of little girls. Is that the case?
  9. Yes, don't dare suggest that this type of thing can be universally condemned. Here's what you will get
    It is difficult to believe... but true.

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