NY Post rips into Bartiromo. "Money Honey" --> "Bank Skank"

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  1. stick them both in a naked mud wrestling fight and the winner stays as the main anchor
  2. If only Erin whould just STFU.

    The only thing I wanna hear from her is moans and giggles! :D
  3. Has Maria forgotten who Consuela Mack is already ? lol
  4. jsmooth


    ""Maria is like, hey, why isn't it me on the 'Today' show? She's very jealous of all the attention Erin is getting," our source said."

    Maria (and crammer) were on the Today show this morning....she must have read the article and quickly scheduled the interview haha
  5. Maria on the Today Show is NBC's attempt to cover up the rift and give the appearance that Richard Johnson's Page Six story is just that - a story.

    Odds are Maria is out before the end of the year. She's already given the Peacock a black eye with her Citicorp debacle.

    Besides, she's looking a little haggard. My only complaint about this high-def format, it shows all the wrinkles.

  6. Well then, if they ever flash a shot of her naked butt, I suggest you avert your eyes at the proper moment....
  7. The only informative stock network where the majority of the watchers have the mute button on. Yesterday was pretty funny.
    But why is the market going down, why, why? I agree naked mud wrestling is the only answer.
  8. lol this is hilarious. i think they should get lindsay campbell on the show, then you'll have two jealous women
  9. its quite obvious that cnbc will make a lesbian porno with both maria and erin with a suprise appearance from becky quick.filming should start in september and i'll be there as a consultant.
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