NY Mayor Bloomberg Conducting Gun Stings In ARIZONA

Discussion in 'Politics' started by pspr, Feb 1, 2011.

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    What a moron.

    "Let me get this straight: From New York City, they are going to send people to Arizona to look into this?" said state Sen. Ron Gould, a Republican. "They might take a look a little closer to home if they are concerned about guns getting in their state."

  2. It shows how easy it is to get a gun. It also shows how incompetent the red states are at enforcing laws.
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    I like Bloomberg news..................;
    but Mayor Bloomberg got a rebuke for that meddling from some VA high ranking gov officials-USA, VA is NOT NY.....LOL:D
  4. Crispy


    Bloomberg has a personal vendetta against all things related to the right to bear arms. I dont know why, does anybody?

    Personally I would very much like him to squander his personal fortune in pursuit of such a witch hunt.

    Additionally it would have made me very happy if they tried to bring the guns back to NY and the feds locked them all the fuck up for interstate arms trafficking by unlicensed individuals.
  5. Larson

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    What business does the Mayor of New York have sticking his nose in other states affairs? This guy sounds like a nazi.
  6. He tried this in Virginia a while back, maybe is still doing so. Street lore is that Virginia State Troopers hunt for NY license plates to pull for speeding on I-95.

    If Arizona having a law dealing with illegal immigration is supposedly an unconstitutional encroachment on federal authority, I wonder why NYC trying to enforce federal firearms law is not also unconstitutional?
  7. The way I see it is if a disproportiante amount of gun crimes are commited by the minority community and the police are not allowed to profile the crime and criminals, the Mayor has no choice except to attack the gun.

    Imo, he's giving up on people. admitting failure.

    If you want to stop people from building houses take away their hammer.
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    You NEVER call a Jew a Nazi. That's just uncalled for. :D

    BTW, he's a Dem (or was a Dem until he caught a glimpse of the size of Rudy's coattails) and Dems want to do away with the 2nd Amendment.