NY Jewish gem dealer labeled "terrorist"

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  1. They caught the main guys involved in the transfer of missiles, this guy was as the article states, a "go between."
    I don't see how religion is involved.
  2. If you assume the gem dealer didn't know he was helping Arab terrorists, I'd agree with you.
  3. Of all the people in the world you think a Jewish guy would help Islamic terrorists, it's ridicules. This 75 year old probably didn't even know who he was dealing with.

  4. Right, and an American born and raised in the midwest would never commit a terrorist act in Oklahoma City.
  5. I don't really think you can compare the two. There are many American born, anti-federal government people/groups in this country.

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  6. Hey, scumbags come in all different colors. I'm of Jewish ethnicity, but I find it likely that this guy did exactly what he's accused of. The government seems to think so.

    If he's guilty, that makes him even LOWER than the most vile Islamic terrorist filth. A Muslim is indoctrinated from birth to murder for Allah. A Jew should know better.
  7. Hmm...I always thought you were a WASP, Hank! :D
  8. I guess the diamond business isn't what it use to be. Yep, I never read this story in the mainstream press. The press never emphasises any american "white terrorists" (regardless of religion). Why in the world is this guy buying shoulder launched missles?

    When is the US going to at least acknowledge that American terrorists are just as dangerous as those from overseas.

    Oklahoma City?

    Atlanta Olympic park bombing?

    Remember that anthrax scare a few years ago? What happened to that?
  9. Bush hasn't even mentioned Osama in over a year... or the word 'terrorist' if my memory serves me.

    EDIT: Now I remember, we replaced 'terrorist' with 'evil-doer,' an obvious and far more sophisticated choice.

    Just a reminder: Shell Shock, Battle Fatigue, Operational Disorder, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.... all the same.
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