NY Fed openly wants to protect the bankss

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  1. Call for Resignation: Kathryn S. Wylde, NY Fed

    And WTF is the obama admin doing putting pressure on this guy?

    This is how you move up the ladder at the Fed, by pandering to the banks in one form or another. Bernanke sealed the deal when he said he would drop money from helicopters and issued the Ketchup declaration.

    If you go back one, Greenspan got the job when he spoke highly of Charles Keating noting his "expertise" and "sound business plans."

    The next Fed chief will no doubt be a complete imbecile.
  2. joneog


    You'd have to be to take that job.
  3. If the man with that job takes care of the banks I'm sure they'll take care of him. Openly or not.