NY Expo add'l session requests?

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    Don, It's unfortunate about the negative vibes from the Expo.
    A car dealership may not be happy when a competitor moves in across the street. However, when a number of such competitors move in along the same road it achieves a critical mass that pulls in prospects who otherwise might not make the trip. All the dealers benefit from this. Fragmentation in conferences/conventions for small niches is not good for anyone. By bringing more of the industry together into a critical mass, liquidity is improved for all participants in exchanging information. That the Expo staff don't appreciate market dynamics is puzzling.

    Having everything all together allows people to pick and choose which parts of the program they want to attend. It is also more efficient in terms of consolidating travel costs and schedules.
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    Pity, applying what those classes charge so dearly for, never returns even half....
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  3. I've been trying to work within their structure, and have offered to help promote a "Professional Trading Pavillion" of sorts, and perhaps we will be able to do something like that down the road.

    I respect them "protecting" their business...but I am serious about putting together an event with a different focus. If I the 3 or so major trading firms and their respective software/clearing/training wings were to all get together at the expo, there would still be only 2-5 percent of the attendees that qualify as "our audience"...

    Anyway...Houston, Denver, Anaheim, and maybe Phoenix for the Pro Trading Tour for 2004. I will post the exact dates after I have confirmations from my partners (who are actually putting the event together)....

    Keep the names of speakers/panelists coming...and feel free to start a new thread if you think it's needed. I really want to make this work.

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    will the NYC EXPO be advertising on Elite Trader next month or do they advertise here already?

    We'd love to get them on board as a sponsor. Seems like a natural fit. I've been calling around and have spoken to a couple of people.

    FYI - the suggestion to have more presentations geared towards advanced traders...? I think it's a good one, and so I told the fellow I chatted with about it. He said that they have tried it, with mixed results. Not sure if I should comment on it, maybe one of them will comment here, as I forwarded this discussion to them.

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  5. They aren't really receptive to the 'serious, professional, trader' pavillion type of thing...they make a bunch from the retail traders, so I don't blame them.

    FWIW, Denver in May, Anaheim in August...Professional Trading Tour is gearing up for 2004.

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    Hey Don or any one else here who may have a voice with the Expo people, could you ask them to reconsider doing it on Presidents weekend next year? I attended last year and really enjoyed meeting some people. I changed who I was clearing thru, where I got my quotes and news from and my futures trading platform- along with trying out and ultimately not subscribing to two services geared toward active traders.
    I'm the kind of guy that they are gearing this thing towards and I'll tell you this - the timing of the Expo this year really stinks. Did they get a discount at the hotel because noone is going to be in NY that day? Don't any of those people have kids? All our kids winter breaks are that week so many people that might have gone will be in VT/CO/UT skiing or in Florida. I'm really ticked about the timing, if you could just mention it to someone there - maybe they'll reconsider the timing next year. Thanks! :confused:
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  7. They seem to like the Sun/Mon ritual of President's day... I don't have much to say about the timing of the event...I'll mention your note to the people who run the thing, however.

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    i was looking through the plans for sunday, and saw the exhibit hall is open 930-1030, then shut down for harvey pitt's keynote speech.

    there is no chance i'm coming down early to hear him speak; the only thing he can tell me is the bureaucratic process that the SEC works, and much of that is already known because of former workers, etc.

    anyhow, it appears the exhibit hall is closed during his time, and possibly other times during the day as well. is this true?

    i sure hope not - i want to come in, meet up with a few vendors, grab some lunch, go to a couple presentations, check out the books upstairs, possibly meet up with some ppl, maybe del monico's for dinner (or luger's? if i can get reservations) and then take a train back northward. if the hall is open most of the day, it'll be much easier for me...

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  9. They were going to delay the opening of the floor until 11:30 (time approximate) at one point....which I "dug into them" for a bit... I agree that I really don't really think that Harvey Pitt is going to attract a crowd of traders from the booth/floor. I'll check and let you know ...

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  10. I checked with my people, and here is what they sent me;

    Hi Don,

    Sorry for the confusion. No, the exhibit hall will not be open then closed then opened again.

    The exhibit hall hours are:
    Sunday, February 15th, 9:30 am to 5:15 pm
    Monday, February 16th, 9:30 am to 5:30 pm
    Tuesday, February 17th, 9:30 am to 4:00 pm

    We will not be running other events (workshops,etc.) at the same time.

    I hope this helps...

    OK, so it appears that the exhibit hall will be open during Mr. Pitt's speech....(come on by!!)....LOL

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