NY Expo add'l session requests?

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  1. that is a most excellent concept, don. hopefully you can pull it off in NYC. john bollinger would be a worthy candidate for the panel, or perhaps jack schwager . of course marketsurfer is available.


    surfer :):p
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  2. Linda Raschke and Teressa Lo.
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  3. Andre


    Good idea, Don. Let me know if you need a moderator.

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  4. Bob and I were supposed to be on a panel discussion with John B. last year in Florida, but he later decided not to join us. It seems that he was still upset over something that was said at the LA Times Investment Panel discussion a couple of years earlier (by my brother of all people). I called John at home to "smooth things over" since Bob and I both respect him (we may not agree with his trading methodologies, but so what?), and were hoping for another interesting discussion panel.

    I would certainly invite Mr. Scwager to our Pro Trading Tour panel this year...and perhaps if you ET'ers could come up with a couple more names, I could form an "Ad Hoc" panel during one of our designate hours at the expo.

    When we put the PTT together, I invited those who were actually making mone trading, not just "selling stuff" - for the panels... many of these traders were, in fact, viable rep's for software, strategies, books and whatever...but, in my mind, as long as they could "sign off" as actually making money from trading vs. lecturing, then they had a lot more credibility.

    The problem at the bigger expo's, as I see it, is that so much money is made simply by charging those big dollars to listen to the lectures...and I have to admit that I have been on both sides (to a lesser degree, I never felt the need to charge the big bucks, but that's another story)...and so it turns into a "battle for time slots" and advertising space. We (Bob and I) found that we are content to appeal to the "few serious traders" at these events, since we don't need to make our money from charging those high fees (No offense meant, if you can get it, I guess maybe I'm even a bit jealous....LOL ).

    Maybe we can coerce a small panel at the Expo, that would be fun...and I'll promise to put a muzzle on my brother this time (yeah, like that would work!).

    (Planting a seed now)...Anyone who hase nominees for the PTT panel, please speak up now. We will be in Houston, Denver, Anaheim, and hopefully Phoenix. I want to include, as last time, traders who make money trading on the panel...big name or not....(I will ask some of the "big names" of course).

    PM me a list, or suggest people here so I can start making calls.

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  5. kc11415


    WOW! Now you're talking!
    LBR would be great, and I'd hope you'd have a decent shot at talking her into it since she will be at the show.
    Schwager would also be great, though if he even comes to the show it may be incognito.
    Would there be any merit in charging some nominal amount so as to discourage the riff-raff from attending? Do what you want with the money, but it would be nice to keep out the stalkers and hecklers. Either that, or have some bouncers.
    Alternatively, perhaps require questions be submitted in writing just before the discussion.
    These are just attempts at finding a means to an end, but perhaps you might have a better way to achieve the same objective.
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  6. OK, I'll contact Linda and Jack. Linda may have a conflict due to her paid presentations, but I'll see.

    I'll also see if I can get them to attend our PTT events as well. This way we could have a couple of hours of inter-action (and then they could have their own workshops on their own terms....I don't need to "split the profits" with them as in the NYC expo...this might be appealing to presenter and attendee alike.

    Here is another old friend from the trading floor that was suggested...Don Luskin... any thoughts?
    About Don Luskin

    "Don Luskin is Chief Investment Officer for Trend Macrolytics, an economics research and consulting service providing exclusive market-focused, real-time analysis to the institutional investment community. You can visit the weblog of his forthcoming book ‘The Conspiracy to Keep You Poor and Stupid’ at www.poorandstupid.com. "

    Anyway, I will be letting my partner in the Trading Tour take care of the details....I just want to see some serious people involved.

    Nassar is always helpful and friendly, and the people like his demeanor....

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  7. don,

    having this guy on the panel will surely bring the nut cases out of the woodwork. talk about a unique, radical, cool guy ! thanks for the intro.

    original thinkers like luskin, schwager, and bollinger will add substantially more substance to the panel than the BORING TA/ chatroom parrots mentioned in the thread.


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  8. (I'm getting some negative vibes from the NYC expo, I'll still do my best for a small gathering...so I will turn my focus to to the PTT for the rest of the year.)

    OK, I can call Don and check his schedule...and I'll send Henry Kissinger to chat with Mr. Bollinger (We really don't want any hard feelings).

    Any Joe DiNapoli fans? He's a good speaker (I'm not a real Fib fan, but he seems to be the expert in that field)....and I think he may join us.
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  9. LOL, don. best wishes in pulling off the NYC gathering. sorry to hear about the negative vibes.


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