NY Expo add'l session requests?

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  1. be advertising on Elite Trader next month or do they advertise here already?
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  2. Wow another expo in NY. I cant wait to go. Man I can't wait to pay Tony Oz 800 dollars to teach me how to read a Level 2 and how to define horizontal support and resistance. Wake up people! These shows are nothing more than ways to make more money off the gullible public who believe trading can be learned in a weekend crash course. Trading is a profession and takes years to master and the successfull players dont go to Expos thinking that these clowns can teach them anything that they dont already know 10 times over. The expo at best is a 1 day affair for 10 bucks to walk around and look at the clowns juggling the balls and breathing fire out of their mouths. Entertainment nothing else.
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    Ebo, 2 months is definitely not early to try to encourage additions to the program. Actually, it may be too late. Of course, if all you want to discuss is pizza vs. burgers, then yes, 2 months is a bit early.

    SethArb, If I was a spammer trying to sneak in free advertising, I wouldn't be mentioning stalkers and other psychos. Or, perhaps you could refer me to that part of the expo web site where they mention the mentally deranged attendees? ;-)

    The signal to noise ratio is imperfect, but there are still nuggets of useful info in return for a bit of digging.

    And then of course are those people walking the exhibit floor who look like they decided to save money on hotels by "sleeping" overnight at the bus station(?) They don't look like a typical homeless person, but they look like they've been camping out. If someone can't afford a regular hotel, there are economical alternatives better than the YMCA. For instance, the Portland Square Hotel is relatively cheap, if someone doesn't mind having shared bathrooms out in the hall. Kind of a European-style bohemian budget place where you can actually get a hotel room for as little as $65/nite. If someone wants to save on airfare, fly Southwest to Long Island airport and take the LIRR commuter train into the city.

    Doing the show on the cheap doesn't have to mean neglecting the basics. (like hygiene)
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    Speakingout> These shows are nothing more than...

    There are a large number of snake oil salesmen present, but that's not the whole show. There are reps from datafeed vendors, brokerages & exchanges. If you think you can't learn anything useful from any of them, then perhaps you are trading non-registered instruments OTC (i.e. forwards).

    As for whether such a show might be dangerous for someone who really doesn't know what they are doing, then yes, it probably is. But, they aren't supposed to be at the show anyways. So if the wanna-be's step off the reservation, then let them keep the snake oil salesmen busy while others talk to the exhibitors of substance.

    If you encounter an annoying snake, then when you next encounter a psycho tell them of an exhibitor in which you think they will be particularly interested... That way you keep two fools busy with one prank :) Kinda' reminds me of the old riddle, how do you keep someone in suspense?
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  5. Ebo


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  6. gaj


    why i've gone, and will go again..

    well, first, i've got some friends who are in the city. so i'll see them in between parts of the seminar.

    however, if *one* of the presentations helps me make money, it's easily worth it. last time i went, i totally blew it. it was during bollinger's presentation, and he asked how many were bullish in the hall - and NO ONE RAISED THEIR HANDS. he asked again, and one person said yes - but "not really, i just wanted to say it" type of person. that was a huge sign, and i ignored it...

    anyhow - i also use it to meet up with my vendors in person, and to ask questions of other potential ones which i may use.

    i did notice last time had a lot more futures booths than before.
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  7. Andre


    Of course we go to meet with sponsors and develop relationships with vendors who aren't yet. And it's always nice to meet an ET member face to face.

    But as a trader, I found it helpful to just talk shop with other traders. I don't know anyone face to face who really understands the nature of trading. I happened by a booth and saw Bollinger giving a presentation on... his bands. I'm like 5 feet from him. Cool. I talked with the fellow who programmed HotTrend, I enjoyed working with him on his chat.

    Yeah, if you stand around the convention floor all day, and all you have are two decent 5 minute conversations, it might not be worth it. But that's why you network beforehand, to met other traders like you, who aren't there to sell you something, but would just like to hook up with other like minded folks.

    As for advertisers... no, the Traders Expo folks haven't advertised with us yet. We've had some conversations. But I've thought to pass on the comments, especially about rating some events, or gearing some for those who are more advanced.

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  8. lol !!! i can't wait to "discuss" trading with mohan.

    hehehehehehe !

    surfer :eek:
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  9. absolutely, andre. i totally dig what you are saying. it is great meeting the vendors and other traders face to face. there are even some crazy laughs--- i'll never tell who i thought was the most INSANE vendor---- i highly reccomend the expo to anyone who can make it to NYC. it's a fantastic time.


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  10. My brother and I have requested round table discussions at the Expo ever since we did the "Million Dollar Roundtable" at the very first expo in Ontario Calif.

    I like the idea of having a forum to openly answer questions from the audience about all aspects of trading. When we did the Pro Trading Tour in Anaheim in August, we set it up so that we had Nassar, Bob and I, Afshin (Traders International), DTI (can't recall his name offhand), and 3 or 4 others answer all sorts of questions from traders....and it seemed to go over rather well.

    I'm hoping to duplicate that same sort of thing during 2004 in Denver, Houston and back to Anaheim....

    The NYC expo is simply too big (the Major League of shows like this) and has too many vendors on hand to make for a decent "give and take" discussion format IMO... We like the show, and we are going again, of course with our co-sponsor's help...but Bob especially likes to have open format debates with other "market experts" and, I have to admit, it has made for lively discussions in the past....maybe too lively, perhaps that's why they don't do it...

    Tim and Jim have done a great job with the Online show, and the new people are doing an excellent job in presenting a venue for the many new vendors that have come about....and they have a tough enough job....

    Anyway, if anyone else likes the idea of a serious discussion group, I might see if I can finangle an hour to set one up...

    If we did, who would you like to see on the panel (besides Bob and I of course....uh, you do want to see us, right? huh? right, us? ok, well , then who? LOL )

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