NY Expo add'l session requests?

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    In looking through the program for the NYC Expo, there are some topics I'd like to see covered in some sort of seminar or presentation which I can't seem to find on the program.

    As many will know from prior shows, the program is not fixed in stone. Sessions can be added and/or dropped, even at the last minute.

    So, what do people think about suggesting topics they want at the show which they don't yet see? Perhaps this might be seen by some exhibitors who might pick up the ball and run with it.

    For instance, in Feb. 2003, Alexander Elder gave a free seminar in additon to his paid session. He suggested looking at overseas markets, partly due to the weakening dollar, and his advice now seems spot on. Unfortunately, I was apalled by the few hecklers trying to hijack the discussion back to US domestic markets. I hope that hasn't scared him off from repeating the free seminar at the upcoming show.

    That's one scary thing about the free sessions, any idiot can walk in off the street and interfere with the agenda. After Larry McMillan gave a presentation on options volatility analysis, some groupie (stalker?) who seemed like he had forgotten his psych meds :( kept coming up with excuses to prolong the conversation in a rather off-topic manner. I guess that was cheaper than paying for therapy.

    Maybe a more senior member of the forum might even construct a poll of additional topics desired at the show?

    P.S. Moderator, If this thread is misplaced, feel free to relocate as apropriate.
  2. yeah, at the nyc expo 2001 some charlie manson looking dude was holding his own seminar in the middle of the exhibition hall on the evils of trading. he was promptly removed, entertaining but a little scary.

    LOL !

  3. Then we've met.
  4. LOL ! subliminal. should of figured that was you.

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  5. If the setup is similar to Vegas then they need to do a much better job of breaking down the sessions in some sort of beginner, advanced, expert type of category ontop of the small one paragraph seminar description listed in the schedule.

    I understand that the more advanced stuff is in the seminars that cost $$$ but I don't need to sit through 7 different speakers having to explain the difference between the mini and the big S&P and other mind numbing stuff every single session.

    By the last day you didn't even want to show up to a session till midway through because you knew the first half hour they were gonna be covering definitions and market microstructure.

    Does anyone know what the paid semiar presenters get?
    I heard it was a 50/50 split of the advertised cost. If that is the case Raschke must have taken home 25-30K for a days work judging by the attendence. Not to bad, eh.

    FWIW, two of my friends took her seminar and both thought they got their money's worth.
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    what avalanche said...

    but it's been that way for years. i was at the 99 or 00 one in new york, and (maybe tony oz' presentation? i'm not sure which) the first half was in basics that weren't the area of discussion.

    i overheard later the person saying he should have had a "here's what you need to know before attending this seminar" thing...

    so i don't think it's a new complaint.
  7. that is the problem with the expo. there are many cowboy type gambler/ fast buck artists attending so the seminars need to be dummed down. these events attract these types by the hundreds.


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    We really needed another NYC EXPO thread.
    Its 2 months away guys.
    Lets start a thread on Pizza vs Steak Houses.
    Sorry to rain on the parade.

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    Waxie has a hot chick handing out the Michael Parness dollar bills

    Why wouldn't I got to the expo again, I mean I can steal all the Bright Trading pens to last me a year
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    Mohan is gonna be there with Oliver Velez giving free Salsa lessons to the first 25 people that sign up for a "Live" session for $3000. Is there any reason to go to these software conventions?


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