NY city pre-foreclosure notices sky rocket! Mucho price pressure in the future.

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  1. Manhattan real estate is "different". Ha-ha-hee-hee-ho-ho! :D :eek: :(
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    More information that doesn't make a difference to this market one way or the other. As long as people are buying iphones and big iphones and tech rallies, all is fine for the economy.
  3. The article is about Queens.

  4. Facts? We don't need no stinkin' facts.
  5. I missed "that". Anyway, as goes Queens, so goes Manhattan. :cool:
  6. A couple of potential buyers :D

  7. Total foreclosure filings from last month.

    State: 59,815
    Brooklyn: 615
    Nassau: 412
    Suffolk: 383
    Queens: 329
    Bronx: 258
    Staten Island: 251
    Westchester: 249
    Manhattan: 77