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    This stock caught me very recently. It has strong fundamentals. PEG ratio: 0.24. With Accelerated EPS, I dont know why it is still $3.00 stock. Debt/Equity : 0.02. Can somebody say price why it is still so low priced?
    Am I missing something?
    Its still along 200-day MA? I can't believe it.
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    It's gold and copper, and one of those rare companies mining in North America with real growth for 5 years (where you don't have potential slavery or political upheavals). And yes, it's a great stock, and I recently bought a bunch of it under $3. Hrm. I think I'm up 25% after today's mini run, nearly 10% from just today. Not bad for a week or so.

    Because I bought quite a bit of this is why I've been waiting for gold to move these last few days (I started a post about this over a week ago to no response, but I'd already bought it). I'm thinking it should double if gold even sneezes to the upside.

    With the kind of fundies this company has, there's no downside, unless gold bombs (doubtful). Plus... today, they added it to the S&P/TSX Composite Index, which is probably why it did that little 10% jump.

    I posted for feedback on this forum shortly after I bought it and NO ONE commented. Really odd. 25% so far since then has been nice:). Plus, copper's been getting lower... but there's still massive demand... so what's that part going to do soon?

    There's just no downside to this company that I could see. No one wants to come tell us what junk it is and it should be shorted:p?
  4. Warrants were expiring, now that it is done, look at the run up. I'm in from $3.10.
  5. Seykota's trading tribe was following this one last spring. It was listed on his website.
  6. I had traded this back in October during the copper run but took it off my radar (stupid me :p ) Damn...I hate getting into stocks after big moves but this is a good lookin stock. I think the "increase in gold resource" news had something to do with the move too..
  7. This is a 100%+ mover IMO, I would not bother with anything less than 50%. Once it gets over $5, the funds will jump at this.

    TGB, same move. Also copper+gold, but these guys been doing a lot of write offs in the earnings, taking a lot of charges now instead of later.