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Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by promagma, Dec 29, 2007.

  1. promagma


    Myself and many other Ron Paul supporters are selling our NWS stock to protest Fox News excluding Ron Paul from the upcoming debate. I doubt if there will be much impact, but it will be something to watch on Monday ...
  2. Mvic


    If true this is pretty funny, the only true conservative being booted off the GOP debate, by Fox no less. How does the GOP expcte to win in 08 without anyone on the ticket who espouses true conservative values? Looks like we need to get used to the phrase "Madam President".
  3. clacy


    Ron Paul has no chance of winning obviously, but that is BS that Fox will not let him be a part of the debate.

    He has certainly proven there is a decent sized appreciation for his message and has raised an awful lot of money.

    It saddens me that he won't at least be able to keep getting his message out, which from a financial standpoint, is a vital one, IMO.
  4. Fox should be sued and defeated in their attempt to suppress Ron Pauls message..sickening.
  5. By convincing the voters that they'll be tougher on terrorism and more Christian-friendly than any Democrat. Huckabee should fit the bill nicely, although his tough anti-immigrant stand may make it difficult to win FL.
  6. Klamath


    I think according to Fox's own polls, Paul actually won two of their debates.
  7. dsss27


  8. Don't say he doesn't have a chance in winning. He set a record for the most money rasied in a single day.

    Hillary, Women like her for the fact she is the same gender. She doesn't take a stance on ANYTHING, wtf! She is not the woman our country needs, she needed a MAN to get ahead. Women coming up in the business world, shouldn't praise or look up to her. She is a joke.
  9. just make sure you and your friends cross your odd lots down on inet pre-market. i'll be happy to take them off your hands.
  10. Hedge22


    Selling the stock to protest? HAHAHAHA. Come on all you are doing is losing money, and giving other investors a chance to pick up NWS at a discount. Boycott the station and their media, something that will actually affect the company if you want to, rather than selling the stock which has no impact on the company.
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