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  1. Any opinion on NWAC at 86 cts? I bought a boatload from $1 down to .70

    I think I may have to file a 13D. Isn't the rule if you own 5% or more of the outstanding?
  2. Choad



    Well...you will probably lose it all. :(

    Stock holders are paid last.

    Don't they have so many creditors, including employees and bond holders, that there won't be anything left for common holders?

    Hope I'm wrong.

    Good luck.
  3. Wasn't planning to hold it long. UAL stock was $1.50 until this week. Well aware of bankrupcty priority.
  4. Choad


    87,000,000 X .05 = 4,350,000 shares???


    Persons who own more than 5% of the outstanding shares of a company must file a Schedule 13D or 13G, depending on the circumstances. If one of these schedules was previously filed, making amendments to it may be necessary. If a purchase puts you over 5%, an initial filing on one form or the other is needed. Also, be alert to whether your large block ownership, obtained either by you or through a partnership, may then be subject to the rules of short-swing profit under Section 16(b).
  5. I thought it was 5% I bought only about 700,000
  6. Choad


    Still a chunk tho! The 87 mil came from YHOO data. Probably very inaccurate.

    Hope it works out.

  7. AM out of all =but 100,000 10 cts profit is enough on that size.
  8. yeayo


    Would DAL and NWAC really go to zero if the gov. bails em out?
  9. There won't be a bailout
  10. will stock be worth something if they emerge out of bankrupcy protection: is there any hope?
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