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  1. I am starting this in hopes of setting up some sort of dialog/meeting schedule for traders in the Pacific NW area, in continuation of the NW Prop Trading thread.

    I am in Portland, and I know we have a few traders in the Seattle area. Hopefully we can set up some sort of monthly/bimonthly meeting. I also know we have a few members here in Portland. I am up for occasional meetings in the Seattle area, or perhaps an alternating schedule between Portland and Seattle.

    Trading in this region can be an isolated and lonesome endeavor. Hopefully we can start a dialog which will be mutually beneficial for all of us NW traders.
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    I'm in Portland and I'd be up for it. We had a traders meeting a couple of years ago where mostly beginner systems traders showed up. Most were into stocks and only a couple of guys (me and Jayford being the only ones, I think) doing futures.

    What do you trade, hangseng?

  4. Did you attend the group that met at one of the downtown hotels about 2 years ago?

    We had a good turnout, and for the first meeting just told each other briefly what each of us did. Kind of interesting, but hardly anyone there traded full time, and most were primarily concerned with developing systems, as opposed to actually trading them. I don't think the knowledge base here will excite you a whole lot unless you are just starting out.

    Maybe you will have better luck finding some serious traders this time around though. Good luck.

  5. I mainly trade grains and meats, but also occasionally trade the ES, bonds, or energies if they look right.

    I am not necessarily looking to get a group of part-time system "traders" together, but rather continue the direction of the previous thread I started about NW prop shops.

    As I mentioned there, we are expecting our second daughter and trading from home will be damn near impossible with a wife and two girls here distracting me. I am hoping to get interest together to get some sort of trading facility here in the NW, whether it be a stock prop shop, or simply an office space with a few other traders who would like to split costs and resources for a more professional and less distracted environment.

    Regardless, a dialog with other traders would prove to be interesting, even if we couldn't work out some sort of environment arrangement. Corporate executives have their country clubs, dock workers have their local taverns, but we traders have no gathering place to discuss life as a trader with traders (and my wife is tired of hearing about it......).
  6. yeah,

    opm8 and I actually traded very similar to each other I think (retracement, fibonacci, trendline stuff with ES).

    I still do essentially the same things now, and would be interested doing the office thing, but I'm only around this area a few months per year. Definitely hope you pull this off though. Portland could use something like that, even if it was a completely private operation. I have not heard of any Portland traders doing this (at least not futures traders).

  7. the idea about sharing office space splitting cost sounds interesting and i believe i read somewhere here about it before. splitting the cost would be the tricky part and would work if everyone pays up front.

    i live in the seattle area and have been daytrading equities full-time for 3 years now. still paying my dues. i trade remote and am with a prop firm.

    definitely would be interested in meeting up with you all.
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    Hi hanseng, Jay and opm8,

    As a couple of you know, I was involved in organizing the meeting that we had in Portland a couple of years ago. I think it was a good first meeting. It was very well attended.

    I would be interested in getting together again. In fact I suggest to get the ball rolling that we can call a meeting in the very near future so that if 4 or 5 of us show up it would be a good start for possibly planing other meetings.

    Last time we met at the Heathman Hotel lounge on Broadway in downtown Portland. I think this was an OK place to meet.

    Anyone up for a meeting in the next couple of weeks?


    PS. Jay, have you moved away from Oregon?
  9. I'm in the portland area as well. I'd be interested in meetings, but not in getting an office together.

    I wouldn't have much to offer you guys, but I am a serious trader and would end up asking too many questions. If you were to exclude the beginners then I understand. :)

  10. I am located in Corvallis, Oregon. I am trying to learn how to trade full time so I can quit my job. I Would appreciate access to any meetings with experienced traders in Western Oregon or SW Washington. I am trading stock and index options and FOREX markets. I would also like to meet personally on a one-on-one basis with experienced traders who are currently earning their living with active trading.
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