NVTL on watch for big run

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  1. Daily technical indicator OBV still showing support for last couple of weeks. Might be something in the works, but that is speculative until we get real news. Novatel Wireless, Inc. (NASDAQ:NVTL) should continue to be on watch and if we break the 3.09 cent resistance level the stock could retest its October highs.

    Fundamental Outlook

    Dilution and Market Cap.

    .Market Cap. Current – Book Value ttm = 98,4M – 167,3MM = - 68,9M (Undervalued)
    .Net Cash ttm / Market Cap. Current = 55,32M / 98,4M = 56,2%
    .Very good Cash the 55,32M compared with Equity the 167,3M.
    .Stabilization emission of new shares


    .Excellent Current Ratio and Quick Ratio ttm of 1.99 and 1.39, respectively
    .Excellent Debit to Equity Ratio ttm of 0.50. Nice assets financed by the company
    .Recovery Net Income. 2011Q1 = - 22,09M 2011Q2 = - 3,90M 2011Q3 = + 4,50M
    .Interesting Price Earnings Ratio (PER) = - 4
    .Interesting and reduced PSR = 0,23
    .Reduced Short Float = 5,83%
    .Book value per share = $ 5,21 / Current Price = $ 3,07

    Sales and EPS

    .Sales 2011 ttm = 412,34M, compared with a small market capit. of 167,30 M
    .Significant and steady increase of annual sales from 2010 to 2011 ttm, and these are the 338.94M and 412,34M, respectively
    .In the quarter 2010 Q3 for 2010 Q4, the sales increased 57,8 %. Identical and predictable increase in the current quarter 2011Q3 for 2011Q4
    .Positive and stable Gross Margin %
    .Inevitable increased in EPS
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  2. not bad.. looks like its easy to manage down here