NVS 295 dual displayport

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  1. I have a bunch of these - all warranty from dell so they are brand-new still in packaging, etc. from Dell.

    Have 37 cards.

    would like to just dump the whole lot - but will sell separate.


    Easiest way to ship these things is via USPS flat rate small which is $5 so please keep in mind that shipping cost.

    Sell whole lot for $400 shipped (37 cards).


    Sell each individually for $35 each + shipping so $40 shipped USPS priority.

    These are new/refurb from dell, have warranty and are HIGH PROFILE.

    pm me if you have questions.
  2. 13 purchased so 24 left
  3. Where do you come up with all this hardware? Dell just send you stuff they don't want to bother with any longer? :D
  4. A client (local trading firm) owes me $$$ and offered a box of "computer parts" to offset part of the balance. The box had all these video cards plus a bunch of other goodies...

    EDIT: I've gotten out of the trading side almost 100% now and I'm pretty much doing only computer/IT related work so I also go through a lot of equipment. :)
  5. I'll bet that's not the first time you had to accept computer parts instead of money... ??
  6. Note to ETers.... Over the years I've sold probably 50 video cards to you guys. If you're looking to expand your multi-monitor setup or just want to replace noisy video cards which have fans... these 295s have EXCELLENT display quality and are quite robust. (I've bought a couple of used ones which didn't work, but I've never had a working one fail...)
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    And WInstonTJ, WOW!!!!!!! Amazing!
  8. I have a spreadsheet with two tabs "deadbeats" and "good guys".

    You'd be shocked at how many trading firms (and law firms) don't pay.

    This was the first time I've taken "stuff" in exchange for work though.

    and only 15 cards left... all 22 sold have gone to ET'ers...
  9. No, I wouldn't. :D
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    Scat, would you recommend switching out two nvs290 cards for two nvs295 cards in a T3400?
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