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  1. rofl.....

    CEO says "higher order backlog and a book-to-bill ratio slightly greater than one, gives us confidence that third quarter earnings per share could increase by a double digit percentage over the just-concluded second quarter."

    They made 0.0 earnings per share.....hmmm

    lets do the math...

    0.00 x (insert your favorite "double digit %" here) = ?

    I never took advanced Statistics...... can someone help me out here?

    rofl... they are nuts
  2. NVLS Q: YOu gave a range of 30-40% for DRAM this quarter, can you clarify this? A: I dont' want to give any more details now.

    is that 30-40% up or down????
  3. we are in all news is good news mode.
  4. Must be why it is down $1 AH.