NVIDIA vs ATI vs Matrox

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  1. HI ALL

    I was wondering if anyone here has used all the latest Dual Monitor video cards and would have an opinion on which one of these cards has the most detail . (Im only interested in 2d quality, such as numbers and letters on a spreadsheet)

    I am really curious as to the picture quality of the new ATI 9000 card?

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    We have ATI Radeon VE, GeForce 4 MX and
    various favors of Matrox running in our office.

    The cards all do the job. All with reasonablely
    clear 2D output.

    The only issue we have with the Radeon VE
    is it cannot set its refresh rate above 60 in
    dual monitor mode. Radeon VE is an old card.
    So thing may have improved.
  4. I am using the Vision-Tek GeForce MX440 AGP card and it does a terrific job. It's got 64mb of ram and supports a top of the line Dell Monitor and an NEC MultiSync FE-950+

    I bought it off the Dell website and saved 10%, with free shipping. $114.00
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    Running analog: 2D clarity winner would be ATI. 3D speed would be Nvidia (until the recent arrival of the newest ATI 9xxx).

    Running digital, pick any one.
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  7. I've got a slightly older pc I built a few years ago, and unfortunately it doesn't have an AGP slot. Are any of these latest cards available in PCI form ?
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    you can buy @ ebay for 60-70 or here:

    i bought mine for 65 two month ago-happy with it
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    yes, check link from post above
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