Nvidia Quadro NVS 295, x1 Video Card... $50

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  1. Nvidia Quadro NVS 295, x1, workstation video card. Display Port. 2560x1600, max digital resolution. Perfect condition!

    Want to add 2 more monitors to your rig? This card will work in any slot of an X58 motherboard (like a Dell Precision T3500), will also work in the x8 slot of an X38 mobo (Precision T3400)... and it MAY work in many others.

    With your reading this ad, you know NVS 295, x1 cards are uncommonly available for a low price. (Several new ones on eBay... starting at $142. Sometimes you won't see a used one for months.)

    Includes 2, DVI-DP adapters.

    I used this card for a while in my multi-monitor trading rig.... have decided to use bigger but fewer monitors... so I don't need this card any longer.

    $50.00, shipped.

  2. LEAPup


    That's a good deal! Can't believe that card hasn't sold yet.
  3. +1... PM sent and I have $ in PayPal.
  4. Sorry, LEAPup beat you to it...

  5. bastard!!!

    (I mean that in the most respectful way... I wanted that card :) )

    Good deal - good card - good seller and in this case good buyer.

    (Mods/Admins feel free to edit out my swear word in this thread)
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    Lol! Good stuff!:D

    I didn't think that card was going to collect dust at $50.
  7. Good people on here for sure; that's why I am here.
  8. Maybe you can offer LEAPup $75 for it... then he can buy my 285. That way, we all win (well, except maybe you :D )
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    Gotta say, I'm starting to feel bad over this card purchase.:( :D
  10. Problems getting it all set up?

    Ring me up, I'll help.
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