Nvidia Quadro NVS 285, x1 Video Card... $50.00

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  1. Nvidia Quadro NVS 285, x1, 128MB VRAM, workstation video card. 1920x1200, max DVI resolution. 2048x1536 max VGA. Perfect condition!

    Want to add 2 more monitors to your rig? This card will work in an XP rig with PCIEx16 NVS 285/290/295 in any slot of an X58 motherboard, will also work in the x8 slot of an X38 mobo... even works with a GeForce GTX 460 on W7-64bit. (Probably also works with W7-32-bit, but I haven't tested it.)

    With your reading this ad, you know NVS 285, x1 cards are uncommonly available. (I know you'd rather have a 295, x1, but they are rarely available for less than the "new, retail" price of $140-$165. But no worries... this card works GREAT with all NVS cards 285 and later.)

    Includes BOTH DMS-59 adapters.

    I used this card for a while in my multi-monitor trading rig.... along with 2, 295 x16 cards before I got a 295 x1, and kept this one as a backup.... have decided to use bigger but fewer monitors... so I don't need this card any longer.

    While the NVS 295 has 256MB VRAM and 2560x1600 max resolution, this 285 card performs EXACTLY THE SAME AS A 295 in a multi-monitor trading rig for up to 28" monitors with 1920x1200 DVI.

    $50.00, shipped.

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    do you still have the vcard?
  3. Yes.