NVIDIA. Please Help, Mr. Caprpal Tunnel

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by dedicated1, Dec 9, 2002.

  1. I have a a Nividia 3D Frorce4-MX440 video card using 2 monitors off the 1 video card. How can I get RediPlus or any other program for that matter to load to it's respective spot on either screen? It only loads to one screen and I gotta move everything over. Well, I do have one program that will load to it's respcetive spot but not both. Thanks.
  2. This is a site I like to go to when I'm having problems with my PC.
    Maybe you can get some info there.

  3. nvidia sucks except for gaming...

    matrox cards don't have this problem

  4. http://www.realtimesoft.com/ultramon/

    You can configure your shortcuts and programs to open up on different screens. Heck - you can even have different screen savers on each screen.

  5. I use the Matrox G450's also.

    MOST of the programs come up where I want them. Some of them never get the word.

    Matrox does a good job with their multi monitor cards.
  6. screwing with the powerdesk settings usually fixes that problem (also gotta have the latest drivers) - i had some of the same stuff - like windows showing up in new places every time i booted, but getting to know powerdesk really well made me love the cards...
  7. complex


    do you have the latest nvidia drivers? i hear that the multimonitor support (it is called nview) is better in this latest release. maybe you can try the latest drivers at www.nvidia.com

    hope this helps.