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    Hello. I'm about to build a new computer system expressly for securities trading and am wondering whether anyone has any experience with the new Nvidia multi-monitor cards (i.e., Quadro4 NVS400 for 4 monitors & Quadro4 NVS200 for 2 monitors). They apparently were designed by the folks who founded Appian Graphics (now with Nvidia if I understand it correctly), but they are substantially more expensive ($620.00 for the 400 at newegg.com) than Matrox cards. I'm especially interested in whether they are worth the extra money involved.

    Any help that anyone can offer here would be greatly appreciated.

  2. JayS




    I ordered my new Dell with Nvidia's 128mb DDR GeForce4 TI 4600 card in it - I run Mass multiple 18's - no problems and the system rocks ....

    my 2 cents
  4. gnome


    Running 1 ATI All-in-Wonder Tuner card + 3 Expert cards... all works great. Paid $160.
  5. Nvidia only makes the chip - your graphics cards CPU. If you choose a card with an Nvidia GeForce chip - with multiple monitor capacity you should be fine.
  6. when you can have single Nvidia cards (each for some $40). That's what I have and it works fine. I use Nvidia TNT2 M64 32MB cards under Windows 98, planning to switch to Windows XP Professional soon, I believe it will work too.
  7. PKJR


    Jay - are those cards brand new? oem? refurbished?

  8. I bought mine there on E-bay too.
    There is a guy that comes along every few weeks or so that will give you the option to buy immediately for 200.00.

    That includes the Matrox G200mms brand new still sealed in the static bag. All Docs, CDs, warranty cards, etc.. Plus Two sets of DVI cables. NO Analog cables are included. However, I wouldn't suggest you even bother with hooking it up to a monitor unless you have to. Although the card can send an analog signal to a CRT(regular monitor), Do your eyes a favor, and hook it up to a 17" Flat Panel. The money you save from buying it from E-Bay will more than offset the cost of a brand new TFT from
    www.tigerdirect.com Not to mention saving your eyes!

    I run this card in an XP Pro workstation running Tradestation 6 and it runs like a champ!

    good luck Hardware Hunting.

  9. JayS


    Halfway down the eBay page I posted....

    This is a new kit with Matrox warranty.

    ...or go to his website to get their number and call them if you have concerns before a purchase.
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    Is this also the same card as Jays - with TV tuner? Just trying to find out since I see 100 bucks difference here

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