nvidia geforce2 MX400 dual AGP

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by kenstl, Nov 20, 2001.

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    anyone know how to avoid the stretched screen with this card when using win2k in order to get separate resolutions???

    i've gotten this to work with matrox dual cards, but not this piece of shite card. :mad:

    it is made by inno3d (seemingly only sold by bunta), a shitty company that apparently offers absolutely no tech support whatsoever, and chooses not to respond to their e mails, despite my tactful follow-up e mail insulting their intelligence and manhood.

    i also tried the latest drivers from nvidia, but they did not work under win2k and prevented me from booting. nvidia offers no tech support either.

    i'm staying with matrox from now on. their cards aren't exactly the fastest, but they work and when they don't their tech support is *primo*


    How do you calculate the 'speed' of a video card?
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  4. With Win 2k pro I can run 6 monitord=s using esignal. I know what a pain the streched screen is