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    I am trying to install an NVIDIA GeForce FX5200 dual head card into my PC.

    The instructions tell me to remove the current graphics driver before installation. (A Intel Graphics Controller2). I did this, installed the card, turned on my PC, ready to install the NVIDIA drivers from the CD.

    Upon doing so I get a message saying this is unsafe as the components dont pass the Windows Logo process (???). The NVIDIA instructions say to continue regardless. So I do....and my PC just hangs. If I turn off and try to reboot, I can't. The only solution is to remove the card. Then the PC will start ok, but it wont if I restart yet again with the drivers (NVIDIA) (partly) installed.

    So it seems I have a card, but I can't use the drivers! HEEEEELP!

    I just tried running the card without the drivers or something - or using the auto wizard in XP to find them on the net. I put the card back in, fired up the PC, but the graphics were all bulky like it was in safe mode, and I coudnt see the start menu - and it asked if I wanted to search for the drivers for the new hardware it has detected.....I had to take the card back out to make it start up ok this time. Using the auto wizard to find the drivers seems to take ages so I cancelled it.

    Any help or suggestions available on this?

    Im using a Dell D3000, which currently has an integrated video card on the mother board.


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    Hi, this is from the Dell's forum:

    DIMENSION 3000, 2400
    * Click Start- Control Panel- System
    * Click the Hardware tab and the Device Manager button
    * Open Display Adapters
    * Double-click the Intel listing
    * Under Device Usage, change this to "Do not use this device (disable)"
    * Click OK- Apply and/or OK
    * Close all boxes
    * Click Start- Shutdown- Restart- OK or Click Start- Turn Off Computer- Restart
    * Press F2 at the blue Dell logo screen
    * Down arrow to (Integrated Devices) Primary Video and change this to PCI or AUTO (whatever is listed)
    * Press ESC several times to Exit and Save your changes
    * Power the system off
    * Connect the monitor to the added PCI video card
    * Open the case cover and add the PCI video card
    * Power on your computer
    * Let the computer boot up and load the drivers off of the CD provided with the card

    direct link: http://forums.us.dell.com/supportforums/board/message?board.id=dim_video&message.id=120719

    Most important thing is to disable the current Intel graphics chip. Doing this will allow the resources for the new Nvidia card to be allocated. A conflict will occur when two video devices are struggling with one another, just as you described.

    Print or scribble down the instructions before attempting. I would also download the latest Nvidia forceware drivers (cumulative driver for GF cards) from Nvidia.

    direct link: http://www.nvidia.com/object/winxp_2k_84.21.html

    This driver is for the latest forceware under Win2k and WinXP, and it is WHQL-certified (Win OS hardware compatibility).

    I recommend using this driver instead of the one from the CD.

    BTW, this is my first post. Great and informative website and forums. :)

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    Thanks Poet - great advise. I will get stuck in tomorrow. I tries disabling the Intel graphics controller from add/remove programs. Clearly that didn't work too well.

    Thanks again!
  4. You have to go into your BIOS to disable the onboard video chip.
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    Thanks - is this another F12 or F2 job?

  6. Usually F2 on a Dell
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    Thanks guys - I finally got the 2 monitors working - but I do have 1 glitch:

    I want to use 1 screen for charts, the other for my brokers platform. However, I can't open an order window on my brokers platform when it is in one of the monitors. It works fine on the other monitor though. Sods law - I need it in the monitor where it wont work!

    Any suggestions???? I cant see anything in the software/drivers that I downloaded from the NVIDIA site recommended above.