nVidia card working in Dell XPS 435T?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by davez, Jul 22, 2009.

  1. davez


    I just bought a Dell Studio XPS 435T with an ATI video card (the only choice was ATI). I've tried replacing it with nVidia Quadro NVS 285 and 290 cards and though the driver appears to load, I get the yellow '!' in device manager, with a Microsoft code 12 error (can't find enough resources).

    Computer has Vista Premium, SP2, and i7 CPU.

    By chance, has anyone been able to successfully install any nVidia card in a Dell XP 435T?

  2. Sounds like a Vista issue.
  3. did you uninstall the ati drivers. vista has problems running two different displays drivers from different manufacturers at the same time.
  4. davez


    Yes, I'd heard that running video cards by different manufacturers was asking for trouble (even with XP), so removing the ATI drivers was one of the first things I did. Thanks for the suggestion.

    And between multiple calls to Dell, nVidia and Microsoft, I've un- and re-installed the nVidia drivers 15 times in the last three days.

    But success, just 10 minutes ago!! The Microsoft tech suggested I re-install the bios, and Dell's website listed version AO7 as the latest. When I tried to install it, the computer warned I had version A09 installed (a newer version). But the MS tech convinced me to install the older bios, and it worked.

    So if anyone else has this problem, the older bios seems to be the answer.

    Thanks for the replies