Nvidia 8800 GTX

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    This video card I have is the best video card out there..for gaming. It has two monitor ports but I want to run 4 monitors.

    So can I use a "Y" monitor splitter cables and have my pc recognize all 4 monitors? The cables run $5 a piece, its the $500 for 2 additional monitors that I'm a little hesitant to buy if I can't run them.

    And I don't see the benefit of putting in a matrox video card to replace a $750 video card.
  2. No. A splitter will only display the same on each monitor + degrade video quality. If you want to run 4 monitors, you'll need another dualhead video card which is compatible with your 8800.
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    Big AAPL

    I'm sure gnome will chime in with his expertise, but the answer is probably no. You will need an additional card with dual outputs, preferably another nVidia card so there's no conflict with driver issues.
  4. LOL... was posting as you typed. :D
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    HaHa! I knew I was too late!
  6. If I had known you were on it, I needn't have bothered. You gave him the correct info.
  7. running the splitter will not give you 4 independent monitors.. only a pr of clones...
    you need a second video card if you want to drive another pr of monitors... or get a 4-head video card... you also need to be careful with driver conflicts, Vista especially... search posts by gnome, he has addressed all this before... good luck

    edit... wow that was fast... lol
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  9. Doesn't sound like it from reading the description. The Dual/TripleHead2Go box has limitations.
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