Nvidia 6200 not giving dualview???

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by andytk5, Aug 22, 2010.

  1. andytk5


    Still using the Dell for internet and webinar stuff while the new comp will be running all the new mons, just trading.

    Question is I have 2 cards in the Dell 8400 and the 6800 still gives the dualview option (connected to 2 of the new 22"s st2210) but the 6200 will not display that option when connected to the other 22"s. I have swapped cables around swapped monitors everything. The only thing that changes is the monitors that are used, all the mons work and will display the desktop/web whatever, but the 6200 will not give dualview.

    These two cards where both running dualview on (2) 20"s and (2) 17"s just the other day so I can't figure it out. Downloaded the drivers, they are all current. Only thought is to pull the card and try putting it back in?

    And ideas?
  2. andytk5


    Update: Was the typical registry value problem, mine was actually no value instead of usually being 1, I changed it to 0 anyhow and that was it.