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    "With as many as 60% of desktop systems being equipped with integrated graphics solutions, ATI and NVIDIA must duke it out for the remaining 40%. Of that remaining share, ATI holds 48% while NVIDIA holds 52% of the market. NVIDIA hopes to boost its share to 60% by years end.

    In the red-hot notebook sector, NVIDIA is really hoping to give ATI a run for the money. ATI currently dominates the sector with around 70% of the market. While notebook sales are expected to expand by 20% this year, NVIDIA is hoping to double its share in that space.

    When Vista comes out needing a gpu to do aero glass ui, will number of systems with integrated graphics decline?
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    I thought this was going to move up. .78 cents up on the 15th and has gone down the last 2 days, however I still think this one might turn back up. Lets watch.:cool:
  3. Interesting, we can guess that notebooks are the future, so would news of cities offering free wireless lend them the advantage? It may not be enough news, but if you were gateway you would make sure to keep the player better suited for notebooks right ?