Nvda - Wtf?!?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by SwingOutOn5, Feb 21, 2006.

  1. Ok, earnings were great and the outlook is good - so what the heck is up w/ the stock?

    Technically, it was a nice BO; a bit of strong gap up, but nonetheless good.

    Foreward P/E prices this sucker in the $53-56 range.

    This is more a swing trader's question, so sorry for the investment jargon! :D
  2. ==================

    Technically it was a nice BO, lets say whats down with NVDA up;
    QQQQ however,has had trouble staying above its 50day moving average, again .

    Also you have longs simply trading stronger stuff;
    & tek leaders like GOOG simply being sold again.:cool:
  3. true. I agree the specific market is looking hairy - plus oil and bernake, but hell....
  4. PS3 delay appears to be affecting nvda's price

    From http://www.betanews.com/article/Analyst_PS3_Delay_Likely_Cost_at_800/1140473229

    "Standing to lose the most, according to Merrill Lynch, is Nvidia, which supplies the graphics chipset for the PS3. While Nvidia says a delay in the launch of the PS3 console would not significantly affect its bottom line, Merrill Lynch disagrees.

    'We think the absence of a significant PS3 ramp could hurt NVIDIA's progress towards the corporate gross margin target," the firm said. "We also think there may be a longer term impact if PS3 loses its competitiveness to Xbox360.'

    Nvidia rival ATI produces the graphics chipset for Microsoft's Xbox 360."