NVDA ugly in a/h

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by ak15, Jul 2, 2008.

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    Reflects the current economic environment.
  2. Earnings to be lower by $125 million! :eek:
  3. Heard those Chinese traders talking about NVDA will misss last few weeks, ... got to make more Chinese friends, I bet they made a lot of money.
  4. QQQQ down .5% in AH
  5. Hey what happened to those gaming geeks buying $500 cards that sell for $1.98 a year later?

    Ran out of ammo ?
  6. Yeah, they'll be doing the rebate thing soon, you can get a nice card real cheap.

    If you cant wait, you can buy the stock real cheap tonight, maybe cheaper later.
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    NVDA down over $3 AH

    Job report tomorrow could be really bad

    ECB raising rates???

    DOW sub 11k is quite possible tomorrow.
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    I have my bid/ask in NVDA for 13.90/13.91

    It will fall all that?
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