NUVA to the 37.40 area

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by trader2000, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. this DOES NOT MEAN it will happen but i think its likely if it starts to show some strength. i am looking to go long to and sell the 37.40 area.
  2. i really like the volume yesterday. notice the 50dma stopped it dead in its tracks! a break above that 36.80 area could get this thing moving.
  3. notice it hit 36.83 and hit a wall. thats because of that 50 dma i talked about. this is not a perfect science so after it broke 36.80 we needed to watch it for a few;it just dropped as soon as it hit that area. it is still looking ok compared to the market which shows strength. however,my SQNM play worked out to a T,right to my 24.90 target. i am sitting on my hands and am not doing any more trading today.
  4. as nice as it is that sqmn went to 24.9....I highly doubt you were able to sell it there....only a trade happened at 24.9
  5. of course not. i sold at 24.70. in at 24.15 and sold when it hit 24.70. the chart screamed 24.90,thats why i said thats where it was going to go. also,i NEVER sell at round numbers.