Nutty Russian (ex KGB) Professor says

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  1. the USA has "jumped the shark"
    Igor Panarin… A Russian professor who used to work for the KGB and who is being compared to the man who correctly predicted the breakup of the Soviet Union 15 years before it happened… Has been talking about the break up of the USA through bankruptcy and possible civil war by the spring of 2010.

    He’s been saying the same thing for 10 years now.

    And people are listening. Lots of people. And it looks like the professor has some hard figures to back up his assertions… Namely the $11 trillion in foreign debt that’s beating the USA’s economy into submission.

    Professor Panarin says that the accelerating collapse of the U.S. job, credit and housing sectors will combine with the years long loss of the USA’s ability to manufacture its own needs will result in the richer states refusing to pay into the federal government in order to save their own economy’s. This will result in de facto secessions from the union.

    Dr Panarin believes that the U.S. will divide along ethnic, regional and outside influential lines. He believes that California and the western states will fall under the influence of China. Texas and the far southern states east of Arizona will fall under the influence of Mexico due to the large Hispanic population. Alaska will revert to Russian control and the plains states will essentially become part of Canada. Professor Panarin goes on to state that the eastern seaboard and New England will most likely end up joining the European Union.

    The professor has lately been getting a lot of attention by the Russian, and increasingly, the European media for his bold statements. Even more alarming… He’s getting face time with government agencies, as well as think tanks and foreign relations entities.
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  3. makes you wonder who "won" the cold war? Their money while not swiss franc, has at least the backing of their gas, oil diamond, gold etc.
    We just "shop" and spend like a lunatic old hag.....