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    Reverse Split has been completed. Stock opened at $4.80....not long ago and closed at $14 on Friday.

    NuTech Digital Receives Initial Payment of $1,000,000 Towards U.S. Multiple Dwelling Unit Market License

    Tuesday April 8, 3:08 pm ET

    LOS ANGELES, CA--(MARKET WIRE)--Apr 8, 2008 -- NuTech (OTC BB:NTDL.OB - News) has received one million ($1,000,000) dollars as an initial payment for an exclusive license for NuTech's technology in the Multiple Dwelling Unit market in the United States, as previously announced by NuTech in its Press Release on Thursday, Mach 27, 2008. The license payment arrived at the end of Q1 '08 as called for in a Joint Venture agreement between NuTech and the Licensee. The agreement also provides for the financing of NuTech hardware and software for the anticipated rollout, as well as payment of operating costs and networking infrastructure. The Joint Venture will provide 2Way Video, Video On Demand, Entertainment Programming, Internet Access and Voice over IP to apartment complexes, campuses, hotels and other multi-dwelling facilities in the United States. "In addition to profits from the sale of our set top box, we expect our joint venture participation to pay us about $5.00 per dwelling per month," said Richard M. Greenberg, President of NuTech. Larissa I. Alexandra, NuTech's Executive Vice-President said, "I am comfortable with the market penetration numbers used in our March 27th release. We are looking to develop new sources of revenue besides the recurring subscriber fees, such as shopping and concierge services and targeted advertising. Imagine sitting at home and having your personal shopper assist you in Milan." NuTech's services delivered from local head ends are distinguished from other service offerings by integrating video telephone services into television viewing; the person you are talking to may be larger than life in full color, full lip synch, and without any jerky motion. The other distinguishing features of the system include an open architecture to deliver an unlimited number of free and premium viewing channels and programming as well as video on demand and other pay services. The incremental income from these additional pay services is not included in the anticipated monthly cash flows.
    Mr. Greenberg also pointed out that the MDU market, although substantial, was a subset of the overall U.S. market for NuTech's products and services.

    About NuTech Digital

    Based in Los Angeles, California, NuTech markets its proprietary digital video equipment that provides real time 2-way video, unlimited channel capacity for entertainment television, and many other telecommunications services and products. NuTech operates its own central office/head-end to facilitate its convergent digital technology, enabling video at multiple standards and availability of video at up to two times High Def.
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    More News:

    NuTech Digital Receives Nationwide Order for Multiple Dwelling Unit Market to Deliver "Grand Slam" Video and Data Services
    Thursday March 27, 12:24 pm ET

    LOS ANGELES, CA--(MARKET WIRE)--Mar 27, 2008 -- NuTech has entered into a contract to provide 2Way Video, Video On Demand, Cable Services, Internet Access and Voice over IP, to apartment complexes, campuses, hotels and other multi-dwelling facilities in the United States. The contract calls for installation of Grand Slam services in several hundred thousand homes and apartments over the coming years. The rollout will begin this year, probably in the late second quarter, said Richard Greenberg, President of NuTech Digital (OTC BB:NTDL.OB - News). Larissa Alexandra, Executive Vice-President of NuTech, guided the project to conclusion. "This is the beginning of a dynamic and powerful thrust into the home market; we will provide the services that people want," said Ms. Alexandra. She also noted that the service contracts would be long term, providing continuing income streams for NuTech. The service offering is made possible by NuTech's unique ability to provide superior video quality and data services using a multi-protocol transmission platform in concert with NuTech's network management system. The services may be delivered in a wired or wireless environment, eliminating costly installations and providing overall network management, including billing and responsive online services.


    NuTech Digital Posts Income of 3 Cents per Share in 2007 and Projects Substantial Increase in Profits for 2008
    Tuesday April 1, 9:00 am ET

    LOS ANGELES, CA--(MARKET WIRE)--Apr 1, 2008 -- Since August, 2007, when new management assumed control of operations of NuTech (OTC BB:NTDL.OB - News), income has gone from a loss of $3.5 million in 2006 to income of $1 million in 2007. Cost cutting and debt payments have substantially reduced overhead, allowing NuTech to focus on its new business of providing 2Way Video, Video On Demand, Cable Services, Internet Access and Voice over IP delivered with its unique technology to markets from the consumer to sophisticated security systems. "We have come a long way in a few months, and we can see substantially increased profitability in the coming year. The team is in place to aggressively move forward," said Richard Greenberg, President of NuTech. He pointed out that NuTech has entered into agreements to supply hardware and services that are projected to reach several hundred thousand dwellings over the coming years, with positive monthly cash flows per dwelling. The rollout will begin this year.
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    Closed at $14 on Friday.....hit $20 today.
  4. The total amount $$ traded for that stock today is less than my entire account
  5. Your play money account. We all know that is all you have.
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    but the fact still's up 40% today........and over 400% since the reverse split a couple weeks ago.

    No disrespect intended here........just asking everyone to take a look at tell me what they think.
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    There asking $21.....

    will it hit ?
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    True Interactive TV ? Does this mean porn too ?

    If anyone understands the technology or now if the infrastructure can support the technology (we still don't have FIOS in our area).....just let me know what you think.

    NuTech Introduces the FRED With Grand Slam Services
    Friday September 26, 8:30 am ET

    LOS ANGELES, CA--(MARKET WIRE)--Sep 26, 2008 -- NuTech Digital, Inc. (OTC BB:NDGT.OB - News) -- Meet the "FRED" -- a digital video convergence center that creates new avenues of communications -- delivering streaming 1080P (true High Definition) video, an unlimited number of programming channels, real time 2WayTV, Video on Demand (VOD), internet connectivity and voice over IP (VoIP). Video quality beyond 1080P is enabled for the Blu-ray effect with up to 8 channels of surround sound. Finally, true interactive television is provided: 2WayTV with Broadcast quality delivered at a constant 30 Frames per Second, in full color, with lip synchronous sound using broadband service at a wide variety of data rates over wired or wireless networks, including 3G (the cellphone network).
    Source: NuTech Digital, Inc.

    (click to enlarge)
    The new FRED delivers 1080P video, 2WayTV, VoIP and Data

    FRED may be purchased as a stand alone unit or together with a service contract for our FRED network. Our unique digital video compression enables us to send virtually real time 1080P hi-def video plus entertainment channels and dial up 2WayTV. Our interactive menu allows the viewer to easily and quickly choose among the widest available selection of video viewing. Video on Demand is delivered in 1080P so you may select a movie and immediately watch it with theatre quality in the time it takes for payment authorization.

    FRED is supported by our own data network, including our own switches. Our network architecture incorporates "up stream" switching so that the viewer's remote control may be passed along to any point on the entire network, allowing the viewer to easily and seamlessly access millions of dollars of network assets and functions, not just his local set top box.

    FRED takes the Internet and moves it to the television screen. Browse the Internet and watch it on your television or on your computer screen. The difference brings the theatre experience to Internet programming. Because of the 2WayTV aspect of FRED, you can now broadcast your video directly over the internet and create your own video channel. We provide connectivity to selected Internet programming in order to elevate the quality of the video and pass it along to the home theatre screen.

    FRED is the next step in communications whether viewing programming, browsing the Internet or using the videophone we have all imagined and waited for.

    Image Available: