Nuns, and Mary (Mother of Jesus)

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  1. Nuns are always polite, modest, speak softly, and project goodness. They seem not to be noticed by society, even when they walk in twos or in a group. They do good work for other people. I think they are good humans. They may not be recognized the way they should by society for the good they provide to others. Why there are not celebrities in the society among the Nuns to inspire the young?

    What do you think of nuns, and their work? Do you keep memory of a good nun who taught you in school when you were a little kid for instance?
  2. It's a zionist conspiracy of course. What else did you think it was tresor?? :cool:

  3. Christ is supposed to be our inspiration. For a nun or priest or someone else to be "idolized" as inspiration would be breaking the 2nd commandment.
  4. nuns are usually troubled deluded women taken advantage of by powerful men for their free labor.
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    Inspiration is not idolization, you dolt.
  6. I think it's cool how you found a book that does all your thinking for you. That way, you can spend your time more productively, condemning others.
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    What's the alternative to serving as a good example of Christ's Love?
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    My first thought is that they're not celebrities because they are not doing anything new and exciting. Their work, their withdrawal, addresses fundamental human needs which haven't changed.
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    Wow... let hear you manifesto please mention nuns teaching in schools in low income neighborhoods hospitals and oversees missions.
  10. the mission is to ensnare more people into the catholic cult. in that mission nuns are the unpaid footsoldiers.
    even the most famous nun, mother teresa, admitted she didnt really believe the bs she was peddling but her actions showed her not interested in ending suffering but instead continuing the delusion. she wouldnt spend the millions in donations she recieved but instead hoarded it away. in the end when she was failing she didnt have a problem seeking out expensive doctors for her care.

    Letters Reveal Mother Teresa's Secret
    Book Of Iconic Nun's Letters Shows She Was Tormented By Her Doubts In Her Faith
    We all know the name Mother Teresa. She won a noble peace prize for her humanitarian work and founded the Missionaries of Charity. When She was on her world tour she gathered millions dollars from the rich because they believed that she would be able to help the poor and suffering in India. Many people would believe that India was and currently is eternally grateful to her. But what did she really do with all that money? It surely wasn't used to improve the conditions of the suffering.

    Mother Teresa's money was mostly spent on religious activities and not on the poor.
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