number ONE problem, spending time on ET and not researching charts

Discussion in 'Trading' started by elohio, Jan 22, 2007.

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    Yes I would say the obvious problem is that people don't work hard on charting instead come here and hope someone will dish out answers

    also ET members are really good at insults

    not in trading

    you guys are like cattle and you know it.
  2. elohio banned from ET within

    1. 1 day

    2. 1 week

    3. 1 month

    Any guesses?

    I say within 1 week.
  3. elohio


    my dear nick, I've been banned 10 times
  4. within

    1. 1 day

    2. 1 week

    3. 1 month

    Any guesses?:D
  5. Ah, I see. So are you trying to surpass your own PB for quickest banishment?

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  6. elohio


    people don't like the truth

    regardless about trading, 9/11, iraq

    aliens, you name it

    people don't like to think too much

    hell people can't even admit when they are fat
  7. batgirl... is that you??? :) :)

    hmmm... which ET clown are we dealing with here?
  8. WOW... you must be making so much money getting banned and re-registering :)
  9. My moneys on a day..

  10. Try traveling without a map and you will find out why the charts are important.

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