Number of Middle-Class New Yorkers Facing Eviction Skyrockets

Discussion in 'Economics' started by ByLoSellHi, May 5, 2009.

  1. Mnphats


    LOL!! Thats another way to put it. :D :D
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  2. Are you serious or just getting paid to post this?
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  3. You should endeavor to determine what something actually is before referring to it "knowledgeably."
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  4. I hate to sound 'all CT,' but the very undeniable truth of the matter is that Obama is owned by the same group of internationalist assholes that own all our Presidents.

    C'mon, it's true, and we all know it.

    We may as well have Freemasons run the country.

    All for one and one for all, U.S., China, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, etc.

    For all the talk of Obama hammering the financial firms, they've been the largest recipient of financial aid, in any form, by a WIDE margin.

    If you assume the automakers were second in line, they received what? 5% of what Goldman, JP Morgan, BAC, Citi and Gang, received?

    Rahm Emanuel, former Goldman Sachs golden boy, is Chief of Staff for a reason. Bet your ass on that.

    Wall Street and K Street are basically one in the same - a two way, closed circuit course.
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  5. Why? Do you wish to pay me?
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  6. An Obama kool-aid drinker using a strawman argument to retort.

    What a surprise.
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  7. The only straw in evidence is in and around your head. (And may I say it looks very becoming on you.) Learn what ACORN is first, and then piss on it.
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  8. I know exactly what it is.

    You clearly have no debate skills whatsoever, and as such you resort to saying drivel like this because you can't conjure a quality response.

    Clubber wins by KO.
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  9. No, just curious. I can see why so many have you on their ignore lists. Welcome to another one.
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  10. Good point snake.

    Add one more to that list.
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