Nuke the Damned Hole, The Rennick Solution...

Discussion in 'Politics' started by William Rennick, May 30, 2010.

  1. We tapped into Hell and a hard hitting solution is needed.

    Detonate a small tactical nuke down the pipe. Two outcome scenarios;

    1) Well permanently is welded shut.

    2) Nuke blast ruptures 200 million bbl oil resevoir like Humpty Dumpty. Better to have it all out at once instead of a slow steady drip.

    Underwater fallout should radiate contaminated seafood safe and cause huge mutations to Gulf life of all types. The next Mardi Gras parade will be the first that features real giant heads instead ot paper mache giant heads.

    This is a solid plan, lets do it...

    Dr. Rennick Strangelove out:cool:
  2. I think we should stuff Republican after Republican who supports "drill baby drill" into the well until its plugged.

    We should start with Sarah Palin
  3. Have you bought the new obama "Energy Policy" T-shirt???

    "SPILL BABY SPILL" :eek:
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    disclaimer: No sperm whale has been injured during shooting of this movie

    Shortie Spielberg Out :cool:
  5. Hilarious. Mosquito with a howitzer.
  6. Hello


    And what do you propose we do with Obama? or does he just get a free pass from dems again?

    Obama Proposes Opening Vast Offshore Areas to Drilling

    President Obama today proposed allowing oil and gas drilling for the first time in large swaths of water off the East Coast, in the eastern Gulf of Mexico and potentially off Alaska.....


    Stuff a fat kid down the pipe. Hey, it worked in Willy Wonka.

    Augustus Rennick Gloop out:cool:

  8. I can't think of two fat media kids I'd like to see stuffed down that pipe.